Week 1 Training Log (28 Jul – 3 Aug)

I’ve really enjoyed re-capping my workouts while training, and since I’m trying a new half marathon training plan (FIRST) this time, I thought I’d share how my training is going each week.  Here’s week 1!
week 1 log Monday – Cross training day
Body Pump class! The plan recommends more traditional cross-training like elliptical, biking or swimming, but I want to continue weight lifting while my mileage is still low because I find it helps with strengthening my knees, hips and other joints.

Tuesday – easy run
I did a 4 mile fartlek (unstructured speedwork) on the treadmill to get used to running a little faster before starting structured speedwork on week 2. I can tell I’ve lost some speed from my running hiatus, but I’m not worried about it – just happy to be running again! I also made it to an evening yoga class :)

Wednesday – rest day! (swapped with Friday)

Thursday – Key Run #2 (1 easy, 3 medium-tempo)
When I started my run outside, I knew that I’d have a hard time immediately hitting the 9:03 tempo pace I was supposed to hit, so I ran my first mile at a comfortably hard pace, and then reduced the pace by 15 seconds each mile afterwards. This was a great way to work down to a faster speed and ensure I was still pushing hard the whole time! My paces: 9:30, 9:15, and 8:53, followed by a 1 mile recovery.

Friday – Cross training day
Easy 40 min seated bike at the gym, while watching The West Wing :)

Saturday – Key Run #3 (5 miles @ 9:22 pace)
I did the first mile or so at a slightly slower pace (~9:40) and then sped up to hit 9:22 for the rest of the run. I think this will end up becoming the hardest workout of the week as the mileage increases, but I’m looking forward to pushing myself.

SundayCross training Rest day!

Overall, a great first week. I was in better shape than I expected after taking so much time off, and I think I’ll be able to start hitting the goal paces for my workouts soon. I’m just happy that I can run and push myself during my runs without pain – I know I can put in the work and get faster and stronger as long as I’m healthy!

I’ll leave you with this happy cat:DSC02835

What was your favorite workout last week? Mine would have to be the tempo run – I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to cut down my time to an 8:53 pace for the last mile.


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