Weekend in NYC + Training Log Week 2

It’s funny how life works – I’ve been feeling unmotivated to blog lately (what with travel and school and work, it’s just been on the back burner), but this morning, I checked my blog email for the first time in two months. And to my surprise, I had a bunch of emails from people telling me how much they loved my blog and got something out of it! What better motivation to keep writing than that?

I actually do love blogging; I love the act of creating something and knowing that I’m adding content (hopefully useful) to my corner of the Internet. So for as long as I can, the posts will continue! And with that, I have a weekend recap and workout log up today!

Weekend Recap

We were in Manhattan for a friend’s wedding this past weekend! Mike drove up on Wednesday to hang out with his friends (it was his high school buddy getting married), and I took the Vamoose bus up on Friday. I love this bus – so clean and and convenient for me because it leaves from Virginia instead of DC. I watched Divergent and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel on the way up and enjoyed both! 028
Speaking of buses, look at this swanky bus company that just started up this year. Not sure I’d pay $90 for a bus ride though.

The wedding took place on Friday afternoon in a gorgeous space near Battery Park, right by the water.  I loved the playful place cards they came up with! Louise was stunning in her dress, and I’ve never seen Andrew look so happy. Congrats to the happy couple!031 054 We spent the rest of the weekend eating and sightseeing around Central Park.  Couldn’t miss bagels and lox in NYC, of course.071And finally made it to Ippudo, after (just) a one hour wait! I’ve been wanting to try this popular ramen place for a while, and it was definitely worth the wait.  The pork in both the buns and ramen had amazing texture and flavor, and the broth was an umami-bomb.  Still like Toki Underground in DC the best though shhh.075 073I forgot how big Central Park is; we wandered all around the park on Saturday looking for the big lake and it was a decent walk! Cross-training, anyone?091 078There were several groups of street performers near the fountain, including a group of dancing pandas – they must have gotten HOT in those uniforms!
083This creative guy had a typewriter set up to write poems on request! Sister J mentioned that some other guy became pretty popular on the web with the same concept.  And no, I didn’t purchase a poem (I’m not big on poetry).
090We had a date night Saturday evening with some sushi and chocolate for dessert back at the hotel.  Perfect way to end the trip!098 100 We had to leave early on Sunday to get back to DC so my planned long run didn’t happen that morning. I could have run when we got back, but I was pretty tired from all the traveling and partying Friday night.  I’m not too worried about it though – I’ll just pick it back up with 7 miles this weekend.

Week 2 Training Log (Aug 4-10)

week 2 log

So, the mileage pic looks a lot sadder than my week actually was, but I am missing 6 miles from Sunday, like I said above.  Here’s what I did last week:

– Monday – CT (cross training day) – Body Pump!

– Tuesday – Key Run #1 (4 X 400 meters) on the treadmill
So happy to be doing speed workouts again! They’re the best because the changing speeds keep it interesting and the workout goes by fast.

– Wednesday – rest day

– Thursday – CT – spin class

– Friday – Key Run #2 (1 easy, 2 short tempo)
I ended up doing only 1 mile at short tempo pace – still working on my speed! I did 2 easy miles, 1 short tempo mile, and 1 mile recovery outside.

– Saturday – rest day (walking around Central Park)

– Sunday – skipped Key Run #3 (6 miles at 9:20 pace)

I didn’t get in all the workouts I wanted to this week (no long run or yoga, and would ideally have 1 more CT session), but life happens and I’m totally okay with that.  I’ll have perfect weeks and not-so-perfect weeks of training, but what matters is that I’m enjoying what I’m doing and working towards my goals.  All the same, I know that I shouldn’t skip too many runs on this plan since there only 3 runs a week, so I’ll get back on that this week ;)

If you blog, what inspires you to keep writing?

Have you ever visited NYC? What was the best thing you ate?


4 thoughts on “Weekend in NYC + Training Log Week 2

  1. Sister J

    i’m glad you got encouraged to keep up with your blog! love the wedding place holder things & i’m obsessed with the bag you have in the central park picture – so cute!! also, your dress at the wedding is great; it’s so different from what i’ve seen you wear before and it looks super playful/youthful.

    1. Dawn H.

      Thanks for the compliments! Dress and bag from the outlets, lol. I like BCBG lately for party clothes, especially their discounted stuff on 6pm.com!

  2. Sister J

    okay, back to say that i just checked out that bus and i’d totally take that if i needed to travel between dc & ny regularly! not having my uncomfortably warm seat mate touch me for four hours sounds great. although if you’re the person who brings mcdonald’s aboard this bus, you better share since everyone will know who brought the food ;)

    1. Dawn H.

      I’ve thought about it too – I like Vamoose Bus’s Gold Bus as a compromise. At $60, I can sit by myself in a big comfortable seat and watch movies on the ipad or sleep. Plus, they have a great rewards program, which works out to something like 1 free ride for every 4 paid rides.

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