NYC + Training Log Week 3

Weekend Recap – More NYC Fun!

This past weekend saw me back in NYC for Lexi’s surprise bridal shower and bachelorette party! I was a little nervous traveling two weekends in a row and missing more sleep because I’m no spring chicken, but all the travel went smoothly, I wasn’t that tired, and it was fun, fun, fun! Vivian and I decided to be travel buddies and took the 6:30 AM bus up to NYC together on Saturday morning. Vamoose bus for the win!

The first activity of the weekend was a bridal shower thrown by Lexi’s mom and sister at Pier 701 Restaurant in Rockland County. I was a little nervous that we might ruin the surprise because we arrived about 10 minutes late, but thankfully they built in buffer time for guests to arrive.

The lovely bride-to-be!DSC02924

The food was delicious (I couldn’t stop talking about my short rib entree!) and the waterfront view was gorgeous, combined with a perfectly sunny day.
We then headed to Lexi’s parents’ house to get ready for the bachelorette party, play some games and pre-party a little. I had my first buttery nipple, and it took me back to my college days, where Bailey’s was my drink of choice. My drinks have gotten progressively manlier with time – from Girl Scout Cookie to dirty martini and now whiskey on the rocks. Soon I’ll be drinking moonshine straight out of a jelly jar.

We took a stretch limo to downtown NYC (I think this was my first time in a limo?) and spent the rest of the night dancing at DL.  I didn’t manage to get any pics of myself, but I loved my outfit – bandage skirt and a loose flowy top, perfect for dancing!
I felt super old because we showed up at 9 pm and I wondered where everybody was…the lounge didn’t start filling up till a few hours later – how do people stay up so late!? Our group called it a night around 1, and Vivian and I took a taxi to our hotel – the Intercontinental on the Upper West Side. NYC Travel tip: I always use Priceline Negotiator or similar deal finder to book hotels in NYC; it’s the best way to get a hotel room in Manhattan for less than $200 a night.

Sunday morning, I went for a run in the hotel gym, showered, packed and we caught the Vamoose back to DC. It was a whirlwind of a trip – we were in NY for all of 24 hours!

About the Intercontinental Barclay: The room itself was fine, and the gym was amazing with plenty of machines, equipment, fruit and water bottles, but I experienced the worst customer service of my life – NO COFFEE in the hotel rooms or lobby. Seriously? Apparently the hotel is closing at the end of the summer for renovations, so they took out the coffee makers and stuff. I was a perfect monster to the manager (don’t worry, not really – I just said, “you should really consider putting coffee carafes for your customers in the lobby”) before going to the Starbucks around the corner and turning into a human being again. Intercontinental – you’ve just been downgraded to 1 star.

Week 3 Training Log (Aug 11-17)

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 8.42.05 PM
– Monday – rest day
Was tired after our weekend in NYC!

– Tuesday – CT – spin class

– Wednesday – Key Run #1 (4 X 800 meters) on the treadmill
I had my stats final to take Wednesday night, but I managed to get this done on the treadmill in our apartment complex and shower before sitting down to take the exam. Proof that exercise is good for the brain? I got a 251 out of 250 on the final :)

– Thursday – rest day

– Friday – Key Run #2 (1 easy, 3 mid-tempo @9:00)
It seems crazy that 9:00 used to be a fairly easy pace for me; I was lucky that my speedy bro-in-law D was here to pace me for this run! D’s going into his junior year of high school, and is the star of his track/ cross country team, so while my lungs were on fire at the end of the 3 tempo miles, he didn’t even break a sweat!

– Saturday – rest day (travel and parties!)

– Sunday – Key Run #3 (7 miles at 9:20 pace) on treadmill
I managed to wake up around 8 AM and went down to the hotel gym to knock out my 7 miles. My legs were pretty tired (maybe from all the dancing?), so I ended up walking for 2 minutes and running at 6.4 for 8 for each mile, so my final pace was closer to 10:00.

Thoughts on FIRST so far:
The Good: I like the flexibility of the plan; there are fewer “required” workouts, so I can move workouts around to fit my schedule, as long as there is a day between each key run. I treat all cross training, yoga and strength as somewhat optional since sometimes studying or other stuff takes priority, and as long as I get my 3 runs in, I’m golden.
The Bad: After 2 months of almost no running, I can’t hit most of the prescribed paces right now. This is not a plan for beginners or people who haven’t been running regularly.

My Adjustments:
I fully believe in adjusting plans if necessary to make them work for you, so I’m going to add a 4th run each week from now on- an easy run of 4-6 miles to amp up my weekly mileage and improve my running economy. Hopefully that will help, and I’ll start seeing results from my speed/ tempo runs so I can start hitting the faster pace on the weekend long runs. I had a 10K on the plan for this weekend, but I’m not race ready (and don’t feel like running it for fun), so I’m going to cancel that and continue building mileage with an 8 miler instead.

Do you stick to training plans as written? If not, how much do you muck with them?

What amenity is most important to you in a hotel? Blackout curtains is #1, coffee is a close second.


2 thoughts on “NYC + Training Log Week 3

  1. what? i’ve never heard of a hotel that doesn’t provide coffee!! that would definitely be a must-have!! reminds me…back in the day, i had ordered a round of slippery nipples (thinking i was ordering BUTTERY nipples), so you can imagine my surprise when i saw that they were’t the yummy creamy shots i had hoped for! of course, i played it cool…but was sick for days after that constantly smelling that black licorice (which i hate!). gross!

    1. Dawn H.

      Glad it isn’t just me! Ooo good to know – I thought they were pretty much the same thing…why do people eat licorice??

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