Burnout and Recharge

Hey friends,
Sorry I went into a black hole for a little bit. I had some great blog posts planned for the last two weeks, but then complete inertia overtook me last week and this week my fall semester kicked off so I’ve been studying every night.

I’ve been feeling a little burnt out lately because of a couple of things going on around here:
– I’m a little stressed about school because even though my differential equations class should be fairly easy (I went through about half the course when I was in college), I’m realizing that I’ve completely forgotten calculus. and trig. and what’s the ln function again?? All of which I need for my current class. I also barely had a week off between the summer and fall semesters, so all the energy I put into studying over the summer has pretty much dissipated by now.
– I’m a bit off kilter from all the travel this month (2 weekends in NY, and we’re going to Kentucky this weekend). I haven’t had time to get my chores done, and I’ve been skipping a lot of my weekend workouts. Thank goodness for all the leftovers/ extra food I’ve frozen over the last few months; they’ve been my lifesaver since I haven’t had time to food shop and cook!
– And finally, I had the WORST chafing from my running shorts on a 7 mile run last last weekend and my skin was insanely itchy for several days afterwards (I tried to take a pic but it was pretty close to my crotch so let’s not post that on the www, yes?).  I tried so hard not to scratch, but I would wake up in the middle of the night and find myself scratching my skin raw. So I ended up going to the doctor for a steroid cream to stop the itching so I could let the skin heal, and then I couldn’t work out for several days because I couldn’t bear fabric rubbing against the area.

I seriously get the weirdest running injuries.

Anyway, I took last weekend off from everything (laid around on the futon and watched hours of Criminal Minds on Netflix), and I felt refreshed and ready to tackle life again this week. I got a calculus workbook, made a study schedule, and my skin is pretty much healed so I’ve been working out again.

We all get overwhelmed at times. Please, friends, be kind to yourselves and when you feel the walls closing in or the world weighing you down, find a way to make space for yourself to relax and regroup. And find out what refreshes you – is it an hour of TV? A walk? A cup of tea and good book? Image source
I’m definitely guilty of spending my precious free time doing stuff that DOESN’T recharge me (TV, browsing the internet). My goal this fall is to make sure that I’m intentional about making free time and spending it wisely – I’m looking forward to fall walks (maybe to the Starbucks nearby to get a pumpkin spice latte? lol), trying great restaurants with friends, and snuggling on the couch with a cat and a book.

Speaking of good food, we’ll be at Ruth’s Chris tonight celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary :) Here’s to another 70 years!

What recharges you?


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