Kentucky Trip (The Food!) + Workout Log

Food in central Kentucky was a bit limited at first glance (lots of fast food and chains), but we found several good local restaurants during our weekend there! Lexington in particular has many good restaurants and a growing food truck scene. The best of what we ate:

Lyle’s BBQ Company (Lexington) – Currently operating out of a tent, hoping to buy a food truck someday.  The pulled pork was moist and flavorful, and their blueberry cobbler was out of this world.  Happy to support them!

Rick’s White Light Diner (Frankfort) – This Cajun diner had great reviews on Yelp, and it turns out that they were on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives a few years ago.  We liked the food (oyster po’ boy for Mike, DDD special including crawfish pie for me), but felt it was over-priced considering the amount of food we got.  I’d go back for the crawfish pie though!

Red State BBQ (Lexington) – This bbq place came highly recommended by Mike’s coworkers, and did not disappoint.  Probably the best ribs I’ve ever had, and we liked being able to try all the different styles of BBQ sauces at the table.

Table Three Ten (Lexington) – So, the real highlight of this new American restaurant for us was hanging out with the bartender for a few hours and trying different bourbons on his recommendation.  We even got to try a glass of the very rare Colonel Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon (only ~12,000 bottles ever produced) – definitely the best bourbon on the trip :)

Lyle’s BBQ Company was our first stop after landing in Lexington – set up in the parking lot of the Liquor Barn.
DSC02992 DSC02991 Kentucky was a lot hotter than I expected, so I was craving something light for dinner. Luckily, there was a Panera near our hotel in Frankfort, and a Cobb salad hit the spot.DSC03019 Loved the kitschy decor of Rick’s White Light Diner; it gives character to the small space!
DSC03054 My DDD special – a slice of crawfish pie, grits, pulled pork, and fried oysters.DSC03057 Red State BBQ! Don’t let its location fool you; it might be right next to a run-down motel, but the ribs are legit.DSC03071 Alll the BBQ sauce! Southern friends, is the vinegar-based sauce really considered BBQ sauce? I’m used to the tomato-based sauce, having grown up in the New England area, so I preferred the Memphis Sweet and Kentucky Small Batch, mixed with a little Texas Spicy :)DSC03075 Only the best darn frickles (fried pickles) I’ve ever had.DSC03076 We split a full rack of ribs with two sides (collard greens and corn pudding) and it was the perfect amount of food.DSC03079 Table Three Ten! I loved the simple, rustic vibe to this place. It was the perfect spot for whiling away a rainy afternoon. DSC03083

A tip for staying fit while on vacation – choose where you’re going to “spend” your calories! I knew that we’d be eating bigger/ heavier meals than normal during the trip, so we chose to pick up yogurt and oatmeal for breakfasts rather than eating at a diner.  We also skipped dessert at restaurants and picked up sliced watermelon at a supermarket nearby to satisfy sweet cravings after dinner. We saved some money this way too.
DSC03024DSC03064 We also made an effort to work out each morning; it felt so good to start with a sweat session and then relax the rest of the day :) Here’s my workout log from last week!

Training Log (Aug 25-31)

A few weeks ago, I decided to defer the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half to next year and train for a shorter race (10K) this fall instead. With all the travel we did in August and have planned for the fall, I just didn’t feel like figuring out the logistics for weekend long runs. I’d rather focus on getting some speed back and slowly building my mileage right now, and then start low double digit long runs in November and December to prep for marathon training next year. So here’s what I did last week:workout log

Monday – Body Pump class!

Tuesday – 4 miles on the treadmill, followed a yoga class

Wednesday – easy 3 miles on the treadmill (9:40 pace)

Thursday – 3 miles outside – humid and hot but got it done! About 10:20 pace.

Friday – rest day in Kentucky

Saturday – 6 X 400 meter speed workout with 1 mile warmup and cooldown on the hotel treadmill

Sunday – Spin class at CycleYOU, a gem of a cycling studio in Lexington, KY! Review coming tomorrow :)

It was my first week running 4 times (instead of 3…or less) since marathon training ended and it felt great.  I can tell that what I need right now are short but frequent runs to get my body used to and more efficient at running again.  I wasn’t crazy about all the treadmill time, but it’s just too hot right now and I’m not heat adapted at all this year.  No need to make myself miserable, right?

Do you work out on vacation or take the time off completely?

Have you ever tried a restaurant that was featured on a TV show? We’ve tried a couple of restaurants from Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, but have been underwhelmed each time =\


6 thoughts on “Kentucky Trip (The Food!) + Workout Log

    1. Dawn H.

      Glad it’s not just me. Too bad, because it’s such a great way to highlight and bring business to local restaurants!

  1. you guys are so good! i love to splurge on vacations…i want to try ever restaurant and eat everything the destination has to offer, lol! but i never took into consideration vacationing while running/training. guess that might make a difference! those ribs look GOOD!

    1. Dawn H.

      I’ve done that too…kind of depends on how I’m feeling during vacation! With all the heavy food we were eating, I was happy to get some movement in each day :)

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