Fall Racing Calendar and Workout Log

The events of this day thirteen years ago will never be forgotten, and we remember the people who lost their lives that day.

This week has been crazy at work; we got hit with a proposal last week, so my days have been long, long, long. But I’ve been praying for strength and a renewed mind every day, and as a result, I’ve had energy for work, been really efficient at writing my sections, completed my workouts, and finished my homework and quizzes on time! Praise God :)

Training Log (Sept 1-7)

workout log
Monday -rest day and traveling! Was not very happy about our non-stop from Kentucky getting changed to a one-stop…why can airlines do this??

Tuesday – easy 3 miles on the treadmill (9:42 pace)

Wednesday – Zumba! I’m really enjoying getting my Latin groove on lately ;) I’m still super awkward (thanks to my non-existent dance genes), but it’s such a fun workout and great cross-training, as long as I’m careful about my knees and ankles!

Thursday – rest day

Friday – 7 X 400 meter speed workout (paces from 7:36 to 7:59) on the treadmill. I felt much better during this workout than the one the week before; I’m think I’m starting to find some speed in my legs again!

Saturday – 1.5 miles on the treadmill. My legs felt like lead, so I quit after 1.5 miles instead of trying to push to 3. I find that if I haven’t warmed up after a mile, my body probably needs the rest.

Sunday – 3 mile run/ walk outside. This was supposed to be a 4.5 mile “long” run, but somehow, I couldn’t push myself to get this done.

Pretty solid week of training, except for the long run. My runs outside have been problematic lately, and I think part of the problem is that I’ve had a couple of bad runs on my usual route, so whenever I go for a run, I find myself stopping and walking at the same place, unable to mentally push through. I’m thinking that switching up my running route and putting together a new playlist will go a long way towards breaking me out of the rut! Which needs to happen soon, because I think I’ve finally nailed down what fall races I’m going to do…

Fall Racing Calendar

After canceling my half marathon, I was wondering what goals I wanted to accomplish this fall, and I decided to focus on speed and hopefully a new 10K PR. My last one was set during the summertime, and I know I’m a faster cool weather runner, so I’m thinking with some speedwork and solid training, I might be able to beat it this year! Here are the races on my fall calendar:
Oct 11 – Rock and Stroll 10K (Alexandria, VA)
Nov 2 – Run for the Parks 10K (DC)
Second shot at a 10K PR, with a few additional weeks to train after the Rock and Stroll.
vet day 5k_2014_ibc_5
Nov 9 – Veteran’s Day 5K (Fairfax, VA)
I’m SUPER excited about this race, because I’m running it with Sister J!! Not that I’m on a mission to convert my whole family to runners or anything…
Dec 7 – Run with Santa 5K (Reston, VA)
I’ve done Pacers’ Jingle All the Way 5K as my holiday race a few times, so I’m gonna run PRR’s Run with Santa 5K for a change this year. Plus, PRR gives out better shirts.

If I’m successful in upping my long run distance in mid-November and December, I might also run the Gar Williams Half in mid-December.  I love cool weather running!

Speaking of cool weather, here’s the first pumpkin-flavored food I’ve eaten for the year:DSC03088

Do you have a goal race each training cycle, or do you race for fun?


8 thoughts on “Fall Racing Calendar and Workout Log

  1. Hi Dawn! Have you thought about doing a duathlon? You do a lot of spin classes, so I’d imagine that you’re pretty good on a bike and you’re already a great runner, so it might be a fun new challenge for you. :-)

    1. Dawn H.

      Ooo, you’re tempting me…I do think a duathlon/ sprint tri (once I learn how to swim again…) is in my future! I’m just waiting till we have room for a bike.

  2. everyone’s been posting about their first pumpkin spiced lattes of the season…i haven’t come across anything yet. i’ve never seen pumpkin yogurt, but i normally love pumpkin anything. how was it?

    1. Dawn H.

      It was good, but like most commercial food items with pumpkin flavor, it lacked spice (for me) – I would have loved to taste strong notes of cinnamon and cloves!

  3. Rachel

    One of the things on my 30 before 30 list is to do a tri, I am a horrible swimmer so I will need to completely relearn how to properly swim, but I think the goal is manageable…A good friend of mine has done the Rock Hall, MD tri and said it is a good course! They have a both a sprint and olympic option ;-)

    Otherwise training is going ok…my shin splints have really been bothering me lately :-(

    1. Dawn H.

      That’s great that you’re thinking about doing a tri! I bet the training would be a lot of fun. My gym has an indoor pool, so I really have no excuse to start working on my swimming. I’m taking a trip with a friend in November who’s a really strong swimmer, so I might ask her for some pointers, or just re-teach me lol.

      Sorry to hear about your shin splints – is it related to your calf issue? Did you try new sneakers? That’s one issue I haven’t had yet, but I hear the right shoe and support can help…

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