CycleYOU Spin Studio

I mentioned last week that Mike and I like to get in a workout or two even when we’re on vacation because it gives us energy for the rest of the day and helps negate some of those “vacation calories”. One of the things we do is to look for interesting exercise studios and gyms near where we’re staying – it definitely beats getting on the elliptical in an empty hotel gym, and feels like a fun vacation activity to boot!

I did my research before we went to Kentucky last week and found CycleYOU, a spin/ bike studio in Lexington. There weren’t a lot of reviews in Googleland, so we weren’t sure what to expect when we drove up to the warehouse-like brick building in the back part of town for a Sunday morning class.
Well, we could tell as soon as we walked inside that we had come to the right place! The guy at the desk was very friendly and helpful, and showed us around the studio before setting us up with spin shoes (first rental is free!), towels and bikes. I was excited to see power meters on the spin bikes when we entered the cycling room, and the bikes were in great condition (the ones at our gym are starting to feel a little beat-up), making for a very smooth ride.
We took the Sunday AM Sweat class with Jenny, which was an hour of spin set to great music. The workout format felt similar to Flywheel, with about 2/3 of the time dedicated to standard spin tracks (hills, intervals, steady tempo) and 1/3 incorporating abs or arms with small weights. Jenny gave us cues for increasing and decreasing resistance as well as RPMs to meet (loved the meters for this!). Like other boutique spin studios, the lights were turned off for the ride, with a few candles near the instructor to provide a little mood lighting :)

The workout went by fast and we were dripping at the end of class. We made use of the showers, which were stocked with products, since we weren’t planning to go back to the hotel till the evening.
DSC03068 DSC03069
I should mention that CycleYOU is a lot more than just a spin studio; it’s part of Swim Bike Run Kentucky, a triathlon training center. Adjacent to the spin studio, we saw a Computrainer area, where can people bring their bikes and trainer and watch TV or bike a course. They sell all sorts of triathlon gear and have clinics on proper running form and other topics from time to time. They also offer yoga and TRX classes (if we had more time, we would have taken TRX too!).

Overall, I highly recommend CycleYOU for a great workout if you’re in the Lexington area! First class is free and additional single classes are $20.

For fitness adventures closer to home, Mike’s really excited that a CorePower Yoga opened up in Virginia this summer – we discovered CPY last time we were in LA – and we’re looking forward to trying the cult favorite SoulCycle that finally in DC!

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