The Perfect PB+J Smoothie

Happy Tuesday friends! I’m looking forward to a short work week because we’re heading up to NY on Friday for Alexa and Andrew’s wedding! Thankfully, work has gone back to the normal 9-5 so I have time in the evenings to study for my classes again. My workout schedule last week was all over the place – I had to keep moving workouts around to account for evenings where I had to work – but I got in workouts wherever I could and ended up having a great week of training. But first, I have a “recipe” to share with you guys this week:

Perfect PB+J Smoothie

With little time to cook these days, we’ve been relying a lot on smoothies for quick and filling dinners. I’ve seen adaptations of PB+J smoothies all over the web, but when I first tried one, I found it cloyingly sweet and not at all to my taste. I liked all of the elements though, so I experimented a little until I came up with this variation.


– 1/2 to a whole frozen banana

– 1 heaping tablespoon of peanut butter (or sub other nut butter)

– 1/2 tablespoon jelly (we like strawberry!)

– preferred milk to desired consistency (I add about 2/3 a cup)

– 1/2 teaspoon sea salt, or to taste

The key is the sea salt to balance out the sweetness, and a high PB to jelly ratio. The banana adds quite a lot of sweetness on its own, so you really don’t need much jelly at all. This makes for a perfect post-workout meal too – some good carbs and protein, and plenty of potassium and sodium to replenish your electrolytes.

Training Log (Sept 8-14)

workout log

Monday -rest day (had to work). Did this 15 min Zumba workout at home to sweat a little. The Zumba obsession continues!

Tuesday – 3 easy miles on the treadmill (9:53 pace)

Wednesday– tempo workout (2 miles at 9:00, 1 mile cooldown), followed by Zumba!

I’m starting to build tempo workouts into my schedule every other week, and I’ll be increasing the distance by 0.5 mile each time. While recommendations for tempo paces vary, I follow the simple rule of thumb of running close to half marathon pace (or 15 seconds slower than your 10K pace). If you don’t know what your race paces are, just pick a challenging but manageable pace that you can maintain for 20-30 minutes – the goal is to push against your thresholds and improve strength and endurance, and you can definitely do that based on how hard the run feels.

Thursday– rest (work)

Friday– rest (work)

Saturday– 5 miles outside (9:33 pace)

This was a great, confidence building run, and my longest run outside since May! I was lucky to have Mel as my running buddy, and we drove to a park in Arlington and ran 2.5 miles out and back on the Four Mile Run trail. I mentioned last week that I’ve been struggling with running outside, and having a buddy and cooler weather made all the difference this weekend.

Sunday– 4 easy miles on the treadmill (10:07 pace) and a yoga class

Great week of training! I think I’m ready to start slowly building up my weekend long runs again :) I’d like to be back in half-marathon shape by December.

Do you have a favorite smoothie flavor/ recipe?

What’s your go-to meal when things get busy? I’d love some new ideas!!


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