Steppin’ It Up

I went to a really fun yoga class last night; the instructor had us place our mats by the wall so that we could use the wall for various poses during class, including L-shaped headstand (never done these before!) and full headstand. I managed to kick up into a full headstand and my arms immediately started to shake…how is something that was so easy as a kid so hard as an adult? I’m pretty sure I can’t do cartwheels anymore either, come to think of it. No surprise, my shoulders are pretty sore today.

I treated myself to some Noosa after class – holy moley, this stuff is good!

My New Accessory

Anyway, I wanted to talk about a cute new accessory I’ve been sporting lately:
A pedometer! Why, you might ask? Besides the fact that it goes so well with everything I wear, my company has started a wellness challenge for its employees: if you record 420,000 steps in 6 weeks (10,000 steps a day), you get a free FitBit! I figured I’d have no trouble getting 10,000 steps every day with my normal exercise schedule, so I’ve been logging my steps for two weeks now. The verdict?

Most days I have no trouble meeting the 10,000 goal. I typically have 7,000 steps on a normal workday from my commute and going to meetings, so tack on some exercise and I meet my goal. But the days I don’t exercise and don’t go to work (i.e. a lazy weekend), my step count can be as low as 2,000.

While I don’t believe there’s some magic number of steps we should hit everyday in order to be fit or enjoy good health, a pedometer is a useful tool to see how active you are on a day-to-day basis. It’s encouraged me to get up and walk around more often at work (studies show that you should get up for a couple of minutes every hour to improve blood flow), and to be a little more active on my rest days. For example, I noticed my step count was really low last Monday, so while I didn’t feel like running, I turned on a 15 min Zumba video, which boosted my step count for the day by a couple thousand!

Incidentally, once this challenge is over, I’m going to put a pedometer on one of the cats to see what her step count is…think she’ll break a 1000?
Does your company have campaigns to promote healthy living/ exercise?

Favorite yogurt?


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