I’m Dreaming of…Nicecream

I had a weird run this morning; I woke up at 6 and got on the treadmill to do a couple of easy miles, only to be plagued by bad side cramps a mile in. I stopped and walked and tried to run again, only to have the cramps come back after a half mile or so. I repeated the pattern a few times, and I finally quit a quarter mile short of my intended 4 miles. I don’t think I’ve ever had such persistent side stitches before – not sure what was going on! Hopefully my run tomorrow goes off “without a stitch”, haha. Sorry, I had to.

Summer DC Eats

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “Week of Eats”/ “Recent Eats” post – mostly because we’ve been eating a lot of frozen food, shakes and canned soups since we haven’t had time to cook. And when we eat out, we tend to go to the same 4-5 places (Pho Golden Cow, Edy’s Chicken and Steak for peruvian chicken, Thai in Shirlington, and sushi from Fresh Market). But we did try a couple of new places this summer, including my new favorite dessert – Nicecream Factory!
Nicecream Factory is a liquid nitrogen ice cream parlour that opened up this summer in Arlington to rave reviews. We checked it out in July when Mike’s brother D was in town, because what kid doesn’t like ice cream?
I originally thought that the liquid nitrogen would be used to freeze pre-made ice cream into a solid form, and then the solid ice cream would be smashed into small chunks, sort of like dipping dots. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, that’s okay because I was wrong.

The Nicecream is actually made on the spot by mixing fresh milk, cream, sugar and mix-ins like chopped strawberries or pistachios, and then adding the liquid nitrogen to turn the mixture into ice cream on the spot.
We ordered a strawberry and a nutella ice cream, and could immediately taste/ feel the difference in freshness and flavor. The ice cream was incredibly creamy, and the strawberry ice cream had chunks of (real, fresh) strawberries throughout!
I think it’s awesome that Nicecream started as a pop-up funded by a Kickstarter campaign and then became successful enough to move into a more permanent space! I’ll probably be keeping this place open throughout the winter once marathon training starts ;)

We got burgers earlier that evening from BGR The Burger Joint, and I got mine lettuce-wrapped again.  Bread doesn’t do that much for me, so I’d rather save my carbs and stomach for the sweet potato fries.
DSC02941Probably the biggest onion rings I’ve ever seen, and while they get zero points for presentation, they were goood.
DSC02943 DSC02944We ate at three or four different burger joints while D was here (burgers are one of his favorite foods, lol), and asked him to rate them at the end. No surprise – Ray’s was the winner, but BGR was a close second.  I’d probably rate them in that order too, although I also love Elevation‘s veggie burgers.

And last but not least, we tried a new sushi place down the street – Kyoto Sushi.
Prices were good, but the quality at Sushi Jin in Burke was a LOT better (much fresher fish). I was also a little startled when I bit into a piece of fish that I thought was salmon, only to discover it was smoked salmon! I’d only eat the rolls here, but for my money, I’d rather get supermarket sushi from Fresh Market next door…

If you eat sushi, do you prefer rolls or nigiri (the fish with rice)? Mike’s a purist and prefers the nigiri, but (shhhh) I prefer the rolls with all kinds of tasty sauce ;)


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