A (Late) Weekend Recap – A Wedding!

Man, I’m down for the count this week with a vicious cold :( I’ve been a zombie at work and barely gotten any studying or working out done in the evenings. Hopefully I’m all better by this weekend, because we’re going out on the town to celebrate Mike’s bday!

Alexa and Andrew’s Wedding!

This past weekend, Mike and I had the honor of being part of Alexa and Andrew’s wedding!! We drove up to NY on Friday to attend the rehearsal and dinner, and woke up to perfect weather on Saturday for the wedding.

Decadent dessert from the rehearsal dinnerDSC03112The wedding was only the second full Catholic mass that I’ve attended, and the elements of the ceremony really conveyed the significance of the wedding vows and the promise that they were making to each other. I teared up several times (funny because my eyes were perfectly dry on our own wedding day). After the ceremony was concluded, we piled into the limo and drove around to a couple of spots to take pictures. The drive from the church to the reception in Cold Spring is incredibly picturesque, and the couple had chosen a few locations to take fun bridal party pictures!

Alexa looking absolutely beautiful in her dress!DSC03122Mike and I snuck out at one point to take a few ourselves :)
DSC03116Me and Vivian!DSC03120We made our way to the reception location, and spent the rest of the night eating good food, listening to funny and touching toasts (Alexa’s dad gave the best wedding toast I’ve heard – he could be a stand-up comedian), and getting our dance on. DSC03123 DSC03125 The whole wedding was filled with touches that were just so them, like these high-fiving cake toppers!DSC03128
One of the things that I loved most about the whole day was that these are two of the most thoughtful people in the world, and they looked for ways to make the day special to other people too, like involving as many people as they could in their ceremony and playing their parents’ wedding songs at the reception. Alexa even asked my mom to play piano at the cocktail hour, so my mom was able to attend as well!

Congratulations Alexa and Andrew – we’re so, so happy for you both and were incredibly honored to be part of your special day!

Training Log (Sept 15-21)

Switching gears only slightly (lol), here’s my training recap from last week. I took the weekend off completely, so I had a whopping 4 rest days! Here are the days I did work out:

Tuesday – 2 x 1 mile @ fast tempo (8:45 pace) followed by a yoga class
I was nervous for this workout because I wasn’t sure if I could maintain a faster pace for a whole mile, but my once a week speed workouts must be paying off! The last couple of minutes of each mile was tough, but I was able to hold the pace. Full workout included a mile warmup, the 2 x 1 mile with a half mile recovery in between, and a half mile cool down for a total of 4 miles.

Thursday – 3.75 easy miles on the treadmill (11:11 pace)
This was the day I had terrible side-stitches the whole run and stopped the workout early. Still not sure what was going on, but we all have good days and bad days!

Friday – 6 miles outside (9:39 pace)
This was a great, great run outside. My pace was strong for the first 5 miles, and while I faded a bit at the end, I didn’t have to walk. Paces: 8:54, 9:28, 9:39, 9:36, 10:16, and 10:05.

Saturday – hours of dancing and standing must count for something, right?

My goal this week is to get four runs in and have another strong “long” run. I’m doing 6 miles again, but going to aim for negative splits this time.

What was your best run or workout last week?


2 thoughts on “A (Late) Weekend Recap – A Wedding!

  1. Sister J

    Feel better!! A vicious cold is whirling around my office too :(
    You all looked so good at the wedding! Mom raved about what a wonderful and personal wedding it was – congratulations to Alexa and Andrew!

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