Weekend Pics (Mike’s Bday) + Workout Log

Mike’s Birthday Weekend

Mike’s birthday weekend was devoted to his favorite activity: eating! We tried some new places – BRABO and PX in Alexandria – and went back to an old favorite -Sushi Jin in Burke.

Our celebrations started Friday night after work! I came home early to get in a quick run and yoga class before getting dressed up to go to Old Town. Our first stop: BRABO, on the recommendation of a coworker. Loved the cozy feel of this restaurant, with low ceilings, big leather chairs, and quiet enough (at 6 pm) for conversation.
DSC03131 While BRABO had lots of delicious sounding options on their a la carte menu, we went with their tasting menu, which seemed like a good deal.DSC03132 DSC03136 DSC03138 DSC03140 DSC03143 Dessert – my favorite course.DSC03144Everything was delicious, if not exactly what I would have ordered (I’m not a big seafood fan, and venison was definitely an adventurous choice for me). I felt that the courses could have been a lot bigger, but that’s the downside of the tasting menu.

Next stop: PX, a popular speakeasy in Old Town. PX is known for excellent cocktails and for their glamorous/ mysterious ambiance – there’s no sign for the bar on the street (you knock at the door under the blue light), and you must come dressed up.

The blue light!
DSC03146 DSC03147The atmosphere inside was indeed swanky and intimate, complete with candles at each table and mirrored walls. They had a very interesting cocktail menu, and we each ordered two – my favorite was the Cocktail Inspired by Pok Pok, which had fish sauce and chilis among its ingredients.
DSC03148 It was a fun and relaxing way to end the evening!
DSC03150On Saturday, we attempted to go to an early morning SoulCycle class, only to discover that most of the bridges going into DC had been marked off for an event (later found out it was the Tour de Cure). Thankfully, SoulCycle let us reschedule for another time – thanks guys!

We came home and went to the gym instead (spin for Mike, treadmill for me), and spent the rest of the day re-arranging our living room and doing some fall cleaning. Our previous living room arrangement felt awkward to me, but moving the couch and a few bookcases around made all the difference. I accidentally skipped lunch and was more than ready for dinner at Sushi Jin.
DSC03168 DSC03169 DSC03170 Definitely our favorite sushi restaurant!

Training Log (Sept 22-28)

After taking the first part of the week off from working out because I was sick, I managed to get in all my runs by running Thurs-Sun! Not ideal, but I was happy to get my mileage in.

Thursday– 4 easy miles on the treadmill (10:07 pace)
I did NOT want to workout on Thursday, but I knew that the more days I took off, the harder it would be to get back into it – so I convinced myself to lace up and get on the treadmill, and whaddayaknow – it felt great!!
Friday – 2.25 easy miles on the T/M (11:06 pace) and 30 min yoga
My stomach started bothering me on this run, so I cut my 3 miles short after doing a run/ walk for most of the workout. I tried going to yoga afterwards, but felt so weak that I left halfway through. Still happy I got my sweat on before our night out on the town!
Saturday – 4 miles on the T/M (2.5 @ 9:00 tempo speed)
I was nervous for this run as I always am for tempos, but after a mile warmup, the 2.5 tempo miles went by pretty quickly (done at 6.6 on treadmill, 1.0 incline). I’d like to move my tempo runs outside again – I find it a lot easier to maintain tempo speed when I can vary my speed a little from time to time, which comes less naturally on the treadmill.
Sunday – 6 miles on the T/M (9:40 pace)
I didn’t want to do my “long run” on the treadmill, but I puttered around in the morning and didn’t go for my run till the late afternoon (by which time it was 80 degrees), so treadmill it was. I survived by playing with the speed and incline every mile or so, and finished feeling strong.
My goal for this week is to space out my runs a little more and get some more cross-training in – hopefully yoga, Zumba, and some weights!


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