Halloween Weekend!

Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween weekend! I got a ton of chores done because Sister J and mom are visiting this weekend to run the Veteran’s Day 5K :)

My costume Friday night for a coworker’s party- put together at the last possible minute!
I’m all for extremely easy (and cheap) costumes, so I went as a college student by pulling on my college sweatshirt, jeans, and sneakers :) When I told my brother about my costume over the phone, he asked if I at least wore a backpack…oops.  I did pin some nerdy pick-up lines to the back of my sweatshirt though, to offset the lameness of my costume enliven the party.  The hostess went all out with snacks, and we spent hours playing a cell phone game similar to Taboo – I think it was Head’s Up?

After a late night out, I managed to get up at 7 AM on Saturday to run with my running buddy Melanie.  We parked at Jones Point Park in Alexandria and did 7 easy miles on the Mount Vernon Trail.  My legs were tired from a circuit workout the day before, so I’m so glad I had Mel to keep me going! I was craving sushi later that day, so a visit to Sushi Jin was in order.
DSC03828 DSC03829
Perfection, as always.  For my fellow DC-metroers and sushi lovers, Sushi Jin (located in Burke, Virginia) is worth a visit! Their nigiri is always fresh, and they have a great selection of rolls.

We stopped by the Fresh Market on the way home for some ice cream, and I couldn’t help grabbing this Pumpkin Spice coffee at the check-out.
DSC03834My pumpkin-flavored products collection is out of control this year. In case you’re wondering how they rank, I wouldn’t recommend the Starbucks Via PSL at all (tastes nothing like the real thing, not very creamy), while I will definitely be buying more boxes of the pancake/ waffle mix I bought at Target (Archer Farms brand). I made the pancakes when Alexa and Andrew were in town, and I thought the spiciness and pumpkin flavor were perfect!
I also tried the Pumpkin Noosa (available at Target – thanks for the heads up, Chelsea!) a few weeks ago and liked it a lot too.

Iceland recaps will start going up on the blog tomorrow! I’m hoping the posts are interesting and useful for anyone planning a trip of their own there.

What’s your favorite party game? Probably Apples to Apples.

Favorite Halloween (or other) costume you’ve worn? Mike and I went as a handyman and “desperate housewife” one year – I thought it was easy and somewhat clever.


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