October Highlights

Happy Friday! I’m taking a quick break from the Iceland posts today to post my October Highlights.  And…sister J is in town!! We went on a run together yesterday and it started to POUR just as we were coming home.  You can’t tell from the picture but I’m soaked.  We stuffed our sneakers with newspaper to help them dry out because we have more fitness adventures coming up this weekend :) So happy she’s here!


October Highlights

I used to post these each month (I think they used to be called “The – name of the month – List”), and they’re a mish-mash of favorite events/ things/ whatever that happened during that month. I’m reviving it mostly because there were a bunch of events that I didn’t blog about from October and my memory is so bad that if I didn’t blog about it, a few months later it’s like it never happened :(

But at least I’m not tattooing myself with things I need to remember, right? Image sourcememento3

1. Gone Girl – I was beyond excited when I first saw the trailer for the movie because I read and loved the book. We finally watched it a few weeks ago when Alexa and Andrew were visiting over MCM weekend at the Courthouse AMC (the BEST by the way – big leather reclining seats, tasty chicken fingers, and the coca cola machines with 1000 flavors). I thought the casting and atmosphere were perfect, and it was just so much fun to watch (weird, considering the creepy plotline…) Image source
2. More Nicecream – I’ve been craving ice cream lately (I ate a lot of it in Iceland – that makes sense, right?), so I was more than happy to make another visit here! I think I might like ice cream more than froyo right now…DSC03820
3. Bourbon DC – When a Travelzoo for Bourbon DC popped up, I didn’t even need to ask Mike if he wanted to get one ;) We got to try the incredibly rare and expensive Pappy Van Winkle here and I thought it was worth all hype – amazingly smooth and smoky flavor. For the price though, I think I only need to try this once! Great food and whiskey/ bourbon selection here, so we’ll be back.
bourbon dc
4. Soul Cycle – Mike’s exercise of choice right now is spin, so for part of his birthday present, I booked a class at Soul Cycle for the two of us! The instructor/ music/ bikes were amazing and the 45 minutes went by so quickly because the class felt like a party the whole time. Given the location and cost though ($30 a class, $20 for your first one), it’ll be more of a special occasion thing for us.
5. This 15 min yoga video. While yoga definitely makes me a better runner, I don’t always have time for a full class each week. So I did a search for yoga for runners and came across this post-run cooldown video. I’ve been doing it after all my runs and my legs feel fresher and stronger. Bonus that the instructor is quirky and fun!

No running events on the list this month (my first DNF definitely doesn’t make the list), but I’m coming back from running burnout and am eager to build a good base again, so I’m grateful for that!

Anyone else out there with a terrible memory like mine? I like to think that my brain is being efficient by clearing space for future events…
Ice cream or frozen yogurt (or something else)?


2 thoughts on “October Highlights

    1. Dawn H.

      I was going to come and watch you run, and then we had visitors that weekend! So proud of you though – it was a windy day!!

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