Weekend Fun – Veteran’s Day 5K!

I’m coming off a jam-packed, FUN weekend with Sister J and my mom! I tried to pick lots of tasty eats and fun sweaty endeavors to balance out the food, and I think everyone enjoyed the weekend – success! Some highlights:

I had a fantastic 8 mile run on Saturday – so happy to be building up my long runs again. Instead of running with music, I tried using this 1-2-3 technique and found that it helped even out my pace and improve my form.

Afterwards, Sister J and I relaxed with a yoga class at Yoga District (Dupont Circle location) on Saturday. We had had two pretty active days (running on Thursday, Zumba on Friday) and I didn’t want her to be too sore for our race on Sunday, so yoga fit the bill! We took Flow Yoga 1 with Jessica, and I loved the fast vinyasa pace of the first half followed by the slow and relaxing stretches in the second half. The studio itself was a beautiful and tranquil space (I forgot my camera, so I borrowed the pic from Pinterest). Overall, highly recommended – especially given the affordable price for drop-ins ($11.35 + tax). I think they also offer hot yoga classes for that price as well, which is a great deal.


Yoga was followed by lunch nearby – can’t go wrong with Sweetgreen! I’ve been here a couple of times, and the Fall Harvest Bowl I ordered this time was my favorite (pic borrowed from Pinterest). J ordered the Guacamole Greens and really liked her salad too.


Parking Panda deserves a mention in this post as well – I hate trying to find street parking in DC, so I was thrilled to discover that through Parking Panda, you can buy and reserve spots in parking garages online! I’m not sure the rate is any better online than it is at the garage, but the site allows you to compare rates in the area and be guaranteed a spot in the garage you choose. I’m a fan! If you’d like to try it out, you can use my invite code dawnhon for $5 off your reservation. Disclaimer: I get $5 off too, so it’s a win/ win.


Sunday morning was the Veteran’s Day 5K with J and mom! Neither J nor mom had raced before, so I was excited/ nervous for them. We did the early race wake-up thing and drove to Potomac River Running Fairfax to pick up our packets. I love that PRR gives out tech t-shirts for their races.11091407041109140705It was a pretty chilly morning, so we relaxed in the car until a few minutes before race start and then went outside to line up. Prior to race start, we had decided to try a “3 min run, 1 min walk” strategy to finish the race. We stuck together for the first mile or so, and then our mom decided to take off running! J was having some trouble with her foot so we stuck to the 3 min run/ 1 min walk strategy, which worked out great. When we spotted the 3 mile marker, we started to pick up speed and continued our surge across the finish line!1109140840

I was so, so proud of them both and happy to be there for their first race. To my complete surprise, my mom LOVED the race and has decided to start training for a 10K next year! #bitbytherunningbug1109140840a

Funnily enough, our pastor is doing a series on The Whole Life (Soul, Mind, Body), so the sermon on Sunday was about the importance of treating your body right, including exercise! Pastor David talked about the value of exercise and how it has benefits beyond building fitness – greater happiness, improved brain function, and stronger focus/ willpower. I’ve never heard a sermon on exercise before, but it makes sense that if you believe we are created by design (as I do), all the benefits of exercise point to its being a part of how we’re meant to use our bodies.

We satisfied our “runger” after church at Huong Viet in Eden Center. Their vermicelli is the best.1109141303

Are there any other runners in your family? Not till now! I’m so excited because while J isn’t planning to run another race anytime soon, she’s decided she likes jogging with me! Nothing better than running and chatting with my sister :)

Do you know of any good city parking apps or websites? Pass on the love!


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