Iceland (Days 7/8 of 8): Snæfellsnes Peninsula to Reykjavik

This is the final part in a series of posts recapping our trip to Iceland in October 2014.

Day 7: Snorkeling in Silfra

After a breakfast of oatmeal (Quaker Instant Pumpkin Spice oats brought from home!) and fruit, we started our drive down to Reykjavik. Our main activity for the day was a snorkeling tour in the Silfra fissure, a narrow canyon formed by the spreading of the tectonic plates in Þingvellir National Park.

The tour group was large so we were split up into two groups. While the first group snorkeled, our guide Isabel took us on a walking tour of Þingvellir National Park. It was our second time here (we took a tour on our first day), but I could never get tired of these vistas.DSC03270

We got back to the van and got into our wetsuits – the water here is close to freezing temps all year round! I don’t have any pictures from the water, so I’m borrowing this one to show you what it was like. Image sourcesnorkelersInWaterFromSilfraSurfaceAreal2-1024x682The water was incredibly clear since the cold temperatures don’t invite a lot of plant and animal growth – although I did see one fish! Our guide encouraged us to drink the water here, which I did inadvertently through my snorkel several times, lol.  Image sourceTravel-Trip-Iceland-A Winter’s Dive

We spent the rest of the afternoon back in Reykjavik, relaxing and warming back up after the snorkel. We had booked a different hotel for our last night here, but funnily enough the plumbing was broken so we were given a room at Ambassade Apartments instead, which is where we stayed the first night of our trip! Not a bad thing at all because we LOVED Ambassade.

Mike wanted to go back to Noodle Station, but I convinced him to try something new since there were lots of great places in Reyk. It wasn’t too hard once I mentioned sushi ;) We walked the few blocks from Ambassade to Sushibarinn, which had high quality sushi for decent prices – we got a deluxe sushi platter for 3 (cuz we like to eat) for about $60, I believe?Iceland (day 7+8) blog

Followed by ice cream from a little shop next door #becausevacationDSC03799

Day 8: Last Day in Reykjavik

Our last day in Iceland was pretty low key; I think we needed some rest after all the activity and driving of the previous days. We did explore the big Kolaportið Flea Market nearby – lots of interesting and weird stuff sold here! The only thing we bought was a stone necklace that caught my eye.DSC03814 DSC03815 DSC03816

We walked a few blocks to the creatively named Icelandic Fish and Chips for lunch. Really good fish and a fun assortment of dips!Iceland (day 7+8) blog-001

With that, we packed up the car and drove to Keflavik Airport to make our afternoon flight.  It was hard to say goodbye, but it’s not really goodbye, right? Till next time, Iceland!


2 thoughts on “Iceland (Days 7/8 of 8): Snæfellsnes Peninsula to Reykjavik

    1. Dawn H.

      It was cold, but very bearable because only our heads and hands made contact with the water, and we wore neoprene hoods and gloves to protect them.

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