{Training Update} Back to Morning Workouts!

Happy Friday friends! I’m going to Disney World for the next five days, and because I knew there was a slim-to-zero chance that I’d want to do a long run while on vacation, I got up this morning at 5 AM to run 9 miles.1114140712It was cold, dark and windy, but it was completely worth it to be able to leave for vacation knowing the long run is out of the way!1114140710

Workouts Lately

I wrote a few weeks ago about my desire to get back into shape after feeling pretty unmotivated all summer, and I’m happy to report that I’ve been really been enjoying training again! I’ve made a few changes to my workout routine since my last post:

1. The biggest change: I’m working out in the mornings again. I’ve always been a morning runner, but I shifted my workouts to the afternoons over the summer because I got lazy. I know that I’m much more likely to skip an afternoon workout though, so after reading this post from Amanda, I decided to bite the bullet and start getting it done first thing again. I made the transition a little easier by timing the shift with the end of Daylight Saving Time :) I’m 10000% happy with my decision to make the switch because I have so much energy all day and I leave work happy knowing that my workout is already done.

2. I’ve nixed the intense cross training I mentioned on my plan – it was interfering with my running because I was so sore – and bring back Body Pump again. Going through old workout logs, it was clear that my PRs were set during times I was consistently doing strength training; it definitely helps to strengthen and balance out my muscles to make me a stronger runner and athlete. And who doesn’t love toned arms?

3. I’ve increased my running days to 4 each week. 4-5 run days is my sweet spot; my body definitely benefits from more run sessions because it remembers proper form and builds running-specific muscles faster.

Here’s how the last couple of weeks have gone:
I’m happy to be running longer distances again – I’ll be hitting double digits for the first time since the marathon next week! I do regret that I lost so much fitness this summer, but I’m also enjoying hitting milestones again and seeing my progress through consistent training.

With that, I’ll leave you with a few interesting reads from around the web:
Rosetta and Philae on Twitter (WaPo) – Scientists are adorable.

Breaking Up With Running (On a Pink Typewriter) – a different perspective!

9 Ways Pets Improve Our Lives (Huff Post) – not that I need another reason to love our cats…

What Will It Take to Run a 2-Hour Marathon – I’m sure you’ve already seen this, but if not, it’s a very interesting analysis.


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