Disney World Faves

I’m slowly coming off a five day high from hanging out at Disney World with my high school bff Katie and Caroline, her friend from college! I hadn’t been to Disney World since I was a little kid so when Katie mentioned she was planning to go this year, I invited myself along – you know you’re completely comfortable around your friends when you invite yourself on their trips, lol. We did all four parks in 5 days, and here are my favorites from each!

Magic Kingdom

Katie is a Disney expert, and she planned our trip with 2 days in the Magic Kingdom (Saturday and Monday) because it had the most rides. It was a great place to start our trip and get into the Disney atmosphere!1115141659

My favorite rides: Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion (we rode this twice), Hall of Presidents (a show actually, but I loved this!), Space Mountain, and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

[Nov 2014] Disney

I was actually a little nervous about the roller coasters – I get motion sick on high speed rides and don’t like drops – but none of the rides at Disney were bad at all, which makes sense since the park is geared towards younger kids. As I put it to Katie and Caroline, everything was a “manageable level of terror”.

Hokiest rides: It’s a Small World, Stitch’s Great Escape (worst of the worst), and Carousel of Progress

Disney’s food has diversified from the usual burger/ pizza/ chicken nugget offerings, so we did plenty of eating! My favorite eats from the Magic Kingdom:[Nov 2014] Disney1

– The most amazing pistachio crème brulee at Tony’s Town Square – we ate dinner here on Saturday and had a great view of the Electrical Parade.

Dinner at Cinderella’s Castle – my favorite meal by far!! I ordered the shrimp and grits appetizer and sweet potato gnocchi for my main, which tasted as gourmet as anything I’ve had in DC. They also gave us plastic wands or swords, and I proceeded to make a complete fool of myself playing with the plastic sword – apparently Jasmine watched with a look of horror as I was play-stabbing myself during dinner.  I know, I have problems.216

– I also tried the famous Dole Whip – soft serve ice cream (vanilla and/or pineapple) in pineapple juice. Refreshing!

Hollywood Studios36

We visited Hollywood Studios on Sunday and it turned out to be my favorite park. This park has a ton of great shows; my favorites were Beauty and the Beast (the actor playing Gaston was hilariously awesome), the car stunt show, Indiana Jones, and Fantasmic at night.[Nov 2014] Disney

We also took an animation class at the Animation Academy, which was surprisingly fun for someone as art-challenged as myself! Our Mickey drawings (mine on the left):48

Disney is all about celebrating the holidays, and the Christmas spirit was in full swing at Hollywood Studios at night!1116142047a

Eats: Asian salmon salad with a scrumptious pumpkin cupcake at ABC Studios, Mickey ice cream bar for a snack.[Nov 2014] Disney1 (2)


Epcot was next on Tuesday, and we spent the morning relaxing at the resort before heading to the park around noon because we felt we didn’t need a full day at Epcot (there aren’t that many rides here). This turned out to be a great decision because Tuesday was COLD for Orlando – almost winter weather! I was so glad that I packed my warm fleece at the last minute.92

My favorite rides: Soarin’ and Living with the Land – not a typical pick, but I really enjoyed seeing the innovative plant-growing techniques being used in the greenhouse.

The hokiest: Journey into Imagination was hilariously terrible because we weren’t 5.

Epcot is known for their food so we saved our snack credits for this day! My eats: a Starbucks Chestnut Praline Latte, an amazing cronut from Canada split with Katie and Caroline (no pic b/c we inhaled it), lamb wrap for lunch in Morocco (sooo tasty!), and bouillabaisse for dinner at Chefs de France.

[Nov 2014] Disney2

After dinner, we watched the fireworks show at night before hustling to get back onto the warm bus and to our room.1118142110a

Animal Kingdom

We spent our last day at Animal Kingdom; thankfully Wednesday was warmer than Tuesday! Some of my favorite attractions were in this park – the Kilimanjaro Safari ride, Lion King show, and Finding Nemo, which was by far my favorite show of the entire trip.

[Nov 2014] Disney3

I also finally got a smoked turkey leg for lunch – I have memories of sharing a turkey leg with my family when we came years ago so I was determined to get one on this trip. We all got our own this time and found that it was impossible to finish solo. So good though!1119141120

Have you ever been to Disney World/ Land? What was your favorite ride/ food?

Best tip for a Disney trip? Be prepared for all sorts of weather – on our five day trip, we experienced temperatures from 25-85 degrees!



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