{Training Update} Double Digit Long Run!

My pre-marathon training prep is going really well so far. This past week, I bumped up my running days to 5 and my long run pushed me into double digit territory again!

workout logMonday – 3 miles on hotel treadmill (10:05 pace) and a Fitness Blender core routine

Tuesday – 4 miles on hotel T/M (10:27 pace)

Wednesday – 7 X 400 meter repeats on T/M
Did the intervals at ~5K pace (7:47) with 90 seconds recovery in between. I wasn’t dying at the end, hooray! Finished the workout with another FB core routine.

Thursday – rest day

Friday –rest day

Saturday – 2 X 1 mile on T/M @ ~10K pace (8:47), 400 meter recovery in between
This was supposed to be 2-3 miles at 10K pace, but I found it too hard to maintain that on the treadmill, so I went for mile repeats instead. My tempo/ pace workouts always go so much better outside.  Followed up the run with another FB core workout.

Sunday – 10 miles outside (9:33 pace)
This run was pretty much the best. I kept it interesting by turning my music on and off every few miles and planning out when I would drink water and eat my gel. The miles flew by and my legs felt great even at mile 9! I’m looking forward to my next long run already.

I’m really happy that I ran every day while I was at Disney World. It’s not fun to wake up early on vacation, but I felt great afterwards and knew that each run was contributing to my running fitness and would pay off in faster times and stronger runs later.

I’ve also started working on my core again to help with my running form and am aiming to do 2-3 core strengthening workouts a week before marathon training starts in January.  After my short runs, I just turn on a Fitness Blender core workout (they have many, and they’re all free), and the 20-30 minutes of ab torture goes by quickly.

Are there certain types of workouts that you prefer to do on the treadmill or outside? I have to do long runs and tempos outside, but I like to do speed sessions (400s, 800s) on the treadmill.

Do you do any core work? Do you use a video/ app, just do planks, or make it up as you go?


One thought on “{Training Update} Double Digit Long Run!

  1. Eric

    Any chance your accessory-navicular surgery friend can post a follow-up reply about her recovery from surgery? It would be greatly appreciated.

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