Last Minute Thanksgiving Prep

We bought our first turkey this morning! But let me backtrack a little first; our original plan was to drive up to NY today and spend Thanksgiving with my family, as we’ve done every year since we got engaged.  Unfortunately, after seeing the forecast for the New England area get worse and worse yesterday, we decided not to risk the drive/ insane traffic and celebrate the holiday at home.

It makes me sad to think we won’t be with my family this Thanksgiving (and eating my mom’s amazing turkey!), but I believe in making the most of every occasion we have together, not just the holidays.  And I had an amazing time with J and mom just a few weekends ago when they visited DC.

1109140840aSince we made the decision so last minute, we knew we didn’t have time to cook a turkey. The Fresh Market came to our rescue with pre-made turkeys to order :) We picked one up this morning, along with with some gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce.  Mike will be making the rest of the traditional sides, including mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, and creamed spinach! And I will be on clean-up duty, which is how I like it.

We took today off from work, and started the day at the gym – 400 meter repeats on the treadmill for me, spin for Mike.  After picking up the turkey and running a few other errands, we spent the rest of the day relaxing at home!

With the cold weather and snowfall outside, it just made sense to turn on the fireplace :) Can’t tell you how happy this made the cats – our resident firebugs.1122141854I don’t believe in skipping food to “save room for” big meals like Thanksgiving – I really prefer eating 3 meals a day – but I did eat a little lighter than usual today with a focus on veggies.  I ate oatmeal for breakfast (same thing I eat 90% of the time), and defrosted a serving of pork and kale soup from my stash in the freezer for lunch.
1126141302aPaired with a couple bites of this dilly cucumber salad I picked up at TFM.  I can’t resist a tangy cucumber salad – so refreshing!1126141253Dinner was a small serving of veggie/chicken rice topped with fried egg and ketchup.  And now I’m enjoying some hot chocolate (another impulse TFM buy – LOVE the marshmallow flavor swirled into the rich chocolate) while watching Scandal.  We’re still in the second season, trying to catch up! hot chocolateAre you cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving? Any tried-and-true methods?

Anything “unusual” on your Thanksgiving table? We often have kimchi – goes surprisingly well with turkey!



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