Black Friday “Damage” + #MondayMotivation

I can’t believe it’s December already – this year really flew by! I also can’t believe the relatively mild weather we’re enjoying here in DC; it’s hitting 67 today and will continue to be in the 50s for most of this week (with the exception of tomorrow – apparently “ice pellets” are in store, lovely).

My wallet got through Black Friday/ Cyber Monday relatively unscathed…this is the sum total of the damage:

Christmas gifts for family members

this mud mask from Overstock – a total impulse buy this morning; I’m still trying to get rid of a few acne spots

Discounted race registration for the Pacers Love the Run You’re With 5K – it’s not till February, but I’ve run this race the past 2 years and found it’s a great PR course for me, plus they give out blankets as their race premium! (all Pacers races 20% off today with code GLBCYBER)

new dishes from Corelle – long overdue.  We’re finally replacing our motley collection from Ikea, Goodwill, and friends/ family that have moved from the area.

Somehow I managed to stop myself from buying all the cute winter running clothing.  I built a good wardrobe over the last two years and really don’t need anything new right now.  We might also pick out a new bedding set from Overstock tonight because I’ve been over-heating under the comforter the last couple of weeks. Exciting stuff, I know.

Weekend Recap

We enjoyed a really quiet weekend here in DC; I had to study for finals so we left the house once on Saturday for a little date and on Sunday for church, but otherwise stayed home. I felt a little under the weather, so I decided to take a step-back week and skip my long run. I’m just base-building (not training) so after 4 solid weeks of training I was okay with that.

We went to the Curious Grape in Shirlington for our date and sat at the bar.  This was a fantastic idea – the bartender gave us several free samples of cheese! I got a glass of Gewurztraminer (a fairly sweet white, my standard) and Mike went for a glass of Sangiovese, an Italian red blend he really likes. 1129141618b
It was too early for dinner, so we ordered some light fare in the form of the Truffle Plate, which came with two types of truffle-embedded cheese, salami with truffle, and house-marinated mushrooms.  Perfect bites to go with our wine!1129141618a
We did some food shopping at Harris Teeter afterwards (what, you don’t go food shopping on your dates? lol) and spotted this in the aisle. America, our obsession with holiday-flavored everything has gone too far.1129141659
We worked on our turkey leftovers over the weekend – we have a lot since we bought a 10 lb turkey for two people, lol. I like my turkey sandwiches with cranberry, sprouts, and a spicy mustard! Might try adding pickled jalapenos or banana peppers in there next time.1130141248


After my weekend off from working out, I was ready to get back to it this morning. Lucy woke me up at 5:30 so I fed the cats, ran 3 miles and got in a 30 min core workout before work.  It’s great to start the week off on the right foot!
motivation 2

Did you do any Black Friday/ Cyber Monday/ whatever else shopping? In person or online? You couldn’t pay me to go to the stores on Black Friday, but some coworkers said it’s a tradition for them.
What’s the weirdest “holiday-flavored” food product you’ve found? Probably the caramel apple Oreos I spotted in Target a few weeks ago.


4 thoughts on “Black Friday “Damage” + #MondayMotivation

    1. Dawn H.

      That’s awesome that you have a Christmas blog header! Friends have commented on my snow, but I have no idea how to turn it on/ off – I think the theme controls it maybe? lol

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