{Training Update} All the Compression Gear


Mike and I enjoyed a fairly chill weekend; we both had to study for finals =\ The most exciting thing we did was check out the new Safeway that opened on King Street last Friday – I’ve been eagerly awaiting this store’s re-opening because the store looked huge! Thanks to a bunch of promos they’re running right now, the parking lot was a nightmare, but they had a ton of samples in store – I must have eaten a pound of cheese and prosciutto in the deli department. My two favorite finds:

1208140640aYep, I’m back on the jerky train and that popcorn is just as tasty as it looks.

We also had another date at the Curious Grape’s wine/ cheese bar – I think it might become a regular thing! I’m currently studying like mad for my last final on Thursday, and then I have 5 weeks off till my next semester starts! I’m brainstorming ways to use my copious free time and will probably end up bringing massive amounts of baked goods to the office and reading a book a day. Or just catching up on Scandal ;) (we’re finally on season 4!)

Training Update (Nov 23-Dec 7)

Anyway, workouts! Last two weeks have gone fairly well; I took a step-back week during Thanksgiving, followed by a solid week of training last week.

workout log 1

Tue: 3 miles on treadmill, core workout (FitnessBlender)

Wed: 8 X 400 meter speed workout (working intervals at 7:47 pace, 90 sec recovery) – my speedwork day might be my favorite workout each week; I love 400 repeats because the pain lasts less than 2 minutes! I had some arch pain during the last interval during this workout, so I cut it short – better safe than sorry. I think my Kinvaras don’t have enough support for my foot; I’ll probably use them for a few more weeks and then donate them.

Thr: 4 easy miles with Mel – I love running with Mel, but my legs were not having it today after yesterday’s speedwork. Thankfully, Mel didn’t abandon me when I asked to stop for the 50th time :)

workout log 2

Mon: 3 miles on treadmill, core workout

Tue: 4 miles on treadmill

Wed: 9 X 400 meter speed workout (working intervals at 7:47 pace, 90 sec recovery) – I broke the 9 repeats down into sets of 4, 4, and 1, and took a slightly longer break (2 min vs 90 sec) in between sets. I’ve never done more than 8 repeats of anything, so this helped make the workout feel much more manageable (“oh, just two left in the set” vs “seven more repeats to go!!”). Another core workout afterwards.

Thr/Fri: rest days

Sat: 4 miles @ 10K pace (8:45 target) – I can tell that my running fitness has vastly improved over the last couple of weeks; I couldn’t do 2 miles at 10K pace just a few weeks ago. Aside from stopping 2-3 times during the last mile, this pace run went great and was a big confidence boost for my coming 12K. Followed by my third core workout of the week #absofsteel

Sun: 11 miles @ 9:44 pace – Best run of the week. I went out on Sunday afternoon after church and ran down 4 Mile Run to the Mt Vernon Trail. A meditative run – the miles just flew by and I never turned my music on.

I’ve been dealing with some shin soreness since my interval run on Weds, which is completely new for me so I don’t know whether it’s shin splints or just muscle soreness =\ I wore compression socks for Sat and Sunday’s runs, which seemed to help me (literally) hold it together.

I’m hoping this is just a temporary thing that will go away as my legs adjust to the higher mileage, but in the meantime, I’ve been wearing compression socks at home and while running. I have two pairs of PRO marathon socks, and I ordered a pair of CEP calf sleeves on Amazon to test out on my next long run as well. We’ll see how it goes – thankfully I’m not in pain (just sore), so I think I can keep running for the present.

Have you dealt with shin splints? How did you get rid of them?


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