Recent Eats (Winter Edition)

Hey friends,

It’s been a while since I posted a meal round-up on here, so I thought I’d hop-to and post some pictures of what we’ve been eating and recipes we’ve liked for your meal inspiration.  Starting with breakfast, of course…
{breakfast} Now that the weather is cold, I want something warm for breakfast, so I’ve been making big batches of oatmeal during the weekend and eating them throughout the week.  Recent batches have included pumpkin pie oats, sweet potato oats, apple oats, and cranberry oats (mixed in Txgiving leftover cranberry sauce after cooking). I switch up the veggie/fruit I add each week to keep from getting bored.
[2014 Nov] Food Roundup1
{lunch} This is usually a rice or noodle-based bowl these days – it’s just fast to assemble on the weekends and reheat throughout the week. One of my favorites was a (somewhat) Mexican-inspired brown rice bowl – I sautéed kale, sweet potato and black beans in a pan, added salsa and served on top of brown rice with shredded cheese on top. I’ll devour just about anything with salsa and cheese! The soba noodles (loosely followed this recipe from smitten kitchen) was excellent as well. And kale salads still occasionally make their way into the lunch rotation – kale’s still in prime growing season!
[2014 Nov] Food Roundup
{dinner} I’ve been in a soup-for-dinner mood lately, and thankfully Mike is on board. We’ve had shrimp and chorizo stew (great way to use up a bag of kale), roasted butternut squash soup (this recipe from Chow is my favorite – made it for mom and Sister J when they came in Nov), Korean seaweed soup (aka miyeok gook), and chicken matzo ball soup, which is a staple in our house when someone’s sick.

What’s one meal you’ve been making/ eating a lot lately?

What do you eat when you get sick with a cold? Soup, OJ, and lots of salty snacks for some reason…


6 thoughts on “Recent Eats (Winter Edition)

  1. What do you put in your pumpkin pie oats? I bought a can of pumpkin last year (it’s a rarity in the UK) and tried to make porridge by mixing it with oats, water, cinnamon and syrup… but it was not one of my most pleasant breakfasts. I’ve now got another can of pumpkin and would love to know what to do with it!

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