Recent Eats: Blue Apron

AM Run

I’m always amazed at how a run can feel so crappy one day, and awesome the next (or vice versa). I struggled through an easy four mile run two days ago, and then knocked my 10 X 400 meter speedwork session out of the park yesterday. Made the 5:40 AM alarm worth it.

I do the early wakeup about 3 days a week now, and it’s still hard not to stay in bed when my alarm goes off. To make it a little easier in the morning, I do what everybody else does and have everything ready to go the night before – clothes on the dresser to grab and change in the bathroom (so I don’t wake Mike by turning on the light) and gym bag loaded with music, headphones, water and a pre-workout snack by the door.


I also remind myself that running in the morning makes me feel awesome for the rest of the day, and that every run (even the easy ones) is improving my running form and strength and will pay off in races next year. And if that doesn’t work, I just start moving and ignore the voice in my head pleading with me to go back to bed…it usually shuts up after a mile or two ;)

First Time: Blue Apron

I signed up with Blue Apron in early November, thinking it would be a fun way to prepare meals when my sister and mom came to town. But it wasn’t going to arrive in time and we kept cancelling the weeks after, so we didn’t actually end up getting a delivery until last week. We got the Beef on Weck Sandwiches, Chicken Schnitzel, and Shrimp and Mustard Green Laing, and were really impressed with the packaging and quality of ingredients.

1204141357a 1204141643There are tons of Blue Apron reviews by other bloggers, so I’ll keep mine short with just our likes and dislikes.


– Reasonably priced at $9.99 a serving

– Flexibility and choices – it is a subscription service, but you can cancel delivery for the weeks you don’t like the food/ can’t cook/ have other plans or whatever, and there are 6 meal options  (3 of them vegetarian) to choose your 3 meals from

– Items came very well packaged, all ingredients fresh

– Meals were easy to prepare and instructions were clear – none took longer than 45 min or so
– Inclusion of unusual ingredients that we had never used before (like bagoong – a Philippine fermented product)
– Meals were pretty tasty – our favorites were the Shrimp and Mustard Green Laing and Chicken Schnitzel1204141739a 1215141833
No real dislikes here, but it’s hard to find three meals that I want to make because I’ve become a strangely picky eater over the last year (in these recipes, I didn’t like the weck bread, beef, or watercress.  No explanation). It’s just easier (and cheaper!) to find one recipe I know I’ll like and make a huge batch of it in the beginning of the week.  All the same, I think we’ll be ordering the service every now and again when the menu looks good – it’s an easy way to add healthy variety to our dinner line-up.

Has anyone else become a pickier eater over time? I can’t eat much seafood or meat unless it’s “hidden” in my food now…or fried.


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