Weekend + Monday Motivation

Weekend Randomness

Nearly all of my coworkers were absent at least one day last week due to sickness, and I must have picked up something (or multiple somethings) this weekend, because I felt under the weather for several days.  I decided to take another cutback week and skipped my runs on Saturday and Sunday in favor of naps, and woke up today feeling much better and managed to go out for a 4 mile run before work.  Some fun stuff in the mail lately:

PRO Compression calf sleeves grab bag! These are only available at the end of the year, and sell out quickly.  You get a random assortment of 3 pairs of calf sleeves (or marathon socks) at a heavily reduced price (may have random logos or be missing logos).  This is what I got – not bad at all! I think I paid about $36 for all 3 (original price is $60, use one of their ubiquitous coupons for 40% off).  And now I have a good reason (really, need) to run a Ragnar ;)1220141027
I picked up a new desk calendar for next year.  I love fun page-a-day desk calendars, and I couldn’t resist getting this one.1210141650
We also finally ordered new dishes to replace our old mis-matching ones.  My only requirement was that the dishes had to be neigh unbreakable – I break dishes, glasses, mugs at an alarming rate.  After googling “most unbreakable dishes”, we settled on this Corelle Square set – the Kobe design.1217141646
Our old dishes – off to Goodwill unless someone wants them!1217141635a
Shockingly, no food pics for you this weekend, except for this amazing bar.  I don’t eat a lot of granola bars lately because I find them to be pretty sweet, but the Strong & Kind bars caught my eye at the supermarket a few weeks ago – they’re savory bars! I grabbed this Roasted Jalapeno bar to eat after fasting and getting my bloodwork done on Saturday (no issues, just routine check-up) and loved the flavor.  Great portable snack if you crave the savory – there are several other flavors too!1220140848a
I spent a good chunk of the weekend tearing my hair out – I’m trying to move my blog to a self-hosted site because I need more space, and the process is not as easy as I had hoped. My new website will be runatdawn.com (it’s up and mostly working, you can check it out if you want), but it’ll probably be a few weeks before I fully migrate over. I’m learning all sorts of website stuff on the fly – thank God for Google!


I did my easy run outside today instead of the treadmill. It was dark and I was the only person outside, but this was my motivating phrase for the morning:

“You got up at 0 dark thirty for this.  Don’t waste it. Now run.”

If anyone has useful tips for self-hosted blogs (like widgets you love, mistakes you made and learned from), please share! I’m going with Bluehost and blogging on WordPress.org.


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