{Training Update} Back-to-Back Long(ish) Runs

Hey friends! Can you believe it’s just two days till Christmas? I don’t make a huge fuss about the holidays, but I am excited to be reunited with family (especially since we weren’t together this year for Thanksgiving) and take a few days off work! Mike and I are joining a friend for a workout hangout (a totally normal thing to do) at OrangeTheory Fitness tonight, then it’s home to pack and clean before we hit the road tomorrow.

We’re doing something slightly different for the holidays this year – we don’t normally plan activities as a family, but this year my brother mentioned that he wanted us to spend more time together (instead of hanging out in our respective spaces and coming together for meals). There’s not a ton to do in our small hometown, but we widened the search, brainstormed activities and created a plan for holiday fun. There’s ice skating, movie and games night, holiday lights, and even a visit to a llama farm (Sister J’s request) on the schedule, so we have a lot to look forward to :)

Training Update (Dec 8 – 21)

workout log 1This was a great training week. My legs were sore coming off an 11 mile long run, but I got in all five of my runs anyway.

Mon: rest day

Tue: 3 easy miles on T/M (11:20 pace – I walked a lot) and core workout

Wed: 4.5 easy miles on T/M (10:30 pace – legs less sore)

Thr: 4 easy miles on T/M (11:07 pace)

Fri: rest day before race

Sat: 12Ks of Christmas race! Short core workout at home

Sun: 8 easy miles outside (9:34 pace)

Frankly, I was impressed with my run on Sunday. I don’t usually do back-to-back runs of this distance, but I’m playing around with the idea of cumulative fatigue and running longer distances on already tired legs (Hanson Marathon Method style). The day was pretty windy and my legs were tired from the race on Saturday, but my pace was solid and after a few miles, my muscles warmed up and the rest of the run felt easy.

workout log 2Last week ended up as yet another rest week. I got in a few runs earlier in the week, but skipped all weekend runs and took lots of naps instead – I think I was sick with something. Hopefully that’s the last of it.

Tue: 3.5 easy miles on T/M (12:00 pace) and core workout

I have got to get better about not walking so much on the treadmill – this felt like a waste of a run.

Wed: 10 X 400 meter repeat on T/M

I love speed days, and this one was no exception. I did all my repeats at about 5K pace (7:47) with 90 seconds rest in between and felt exhausted but awesome at the end.

Thr: 4 miles easy on T/M (11:15 pace)

Fri – Sun: rest days

I felt much better yesterday and got in a good run, so I’m hoping to hit about 30 miles this week. That will leave me in a good spot to start my half marathon training season next week (also the first week of 2015-yikes)! I’ll share the details of my new training plan soon – it’s pretty customized because I’m already at 11 miles for my long run and want to keep running long on the weekends (vs. starting from 4 miles and building up to 13 over several weeks).

What are your holiday traditions? Do you have a favorite one? I want to build lots of special family holiday traditions when we have kids – so many great ideas all over the blogs right now.


2 thoughts on “{Training Update} Back-to-Back Long(ish) Runs

  1. What marathon are you running/training for? Best of luck! I’m right around 40 mpw lately but just had a bit of a cutback week which felt nice. Ready to build and ramp back up for 50K training…my very first ultra!

    Merry Christmas! A tradition for me is doing a Christmas Eve run with my buddies which we’ll be doing tomorrow morning before I cook dinner with my family!

    1. Dawn H.

      Good luck with your 50K! I’m doing a couple of half marathons in the spring, and a marathon in September hopefully…haven’t picked one yet. Love the idea of the a Christmas eve run with friends!

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