NB Fresh Foam Shoe Sale + Weekend

Before I get into my quick weekend recap, is anyone interested in a pair of new New Balance 980 Fresh Foam Running Shoes – size 7 (women’s)? I bought them in California last week, but realized within minutes on the treadmill back home that they’re too big (I got off immediately). Tragic, but my loss is your gain – I’ll sell them for $45 and throw in the shipping for free. Leave a comment or email me at sneakertherapyblog{at}gmail{dot}com if you’re interested or have any questions about them!

The sneakers:
The only “exciting” thing we did this weekend was finally going food shopping at the Korean supermarket in Fairfax, which meant I could cook some good Korean food this week. My brother is staying with us for a week before we drive him to W&M to start his spring semester, so we stocked up on meat!
It was really cold here all weekend and I was feeling under the weather all week, so I basically took the weekend off from working out and cooked instead. This udon (Japanese noodle) soup really hit the spot for dinner.
The ingredients: udon noodles, pink fish cake, and deep-fried tofu from the frozen section, with eggs and scallions added at the end. I found udon soup base in a convenient bottled form near the soy sauce aisle. I can post more detailed instructions if anyone’s interested.
I did little this weekend aside from household chores, cooking and church on Sunday, and thankfully I woke up this morning feeling much better. I didn’t have a run scheduled on my workout calendar, so I decided to hit up a spin class at the gym for the first time in months after work – felt good to get the legs moving again :)

Monday Motivation

My motivational thought for today:


If you’re feeling completely unmotivated to work out because of the snow/ wet/ cold/ whatever weather, try telling yourself that you’re just going to do something short – maybe just a few miles on the treadmill, or a jog around the block, or a 10 minute workout video. Anything is better than nothing, and you might find that you have more energy and motivation to continue once you get started! (I really wish I had done this last week – if I had just done 2-3 miles a day, my weekly mileage would have been better than the 5 miles I managed over two days.  So don’t be me.)


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