Spring Triple Half-Marathon Training Plan

Well, the Korean food streak continues! Last night, we had Korean rice cake + dumpling soup (the same soup we eat on New Year’s Day).  We don’t eat that much Korean food year round, but nothing tastes better in the winter than a hot bowl of soup.0112151842aI’ve really curtailed my dairy consumption lately – my lactose intolerance appears to have extended to yogurt – so the one vitamin I nearly always take is a calcium supplement. These GNC calcium chews are currently on sale (buy one, get one free) on drugstore.com, and I happily discovered that they taste great!
Okay, enough with my random ramblings…

Triple Half-Marathon Training Plan

After the last two months of base-building, I’ve begun training for a spring of half-marathons! I’m hoping to shave a few minutes off my current PR (1:58:42) to put me in good shape to train for a full over the summer.  As such, I’ve picked three half marathons in Feb, March, and April to give myself a few chances to PR.  Race day conditions (weather, the course, how you’re feeling that day, etc) can impact performance, so if you don’t succeed once, try again!

As for my plan, I created my own this time.  I knew I wanted to run 5 days, and wanted to incorporate speedwork (Wednesdays) and strength (Friday tempo runs) in there.  Most weekends, I’m going to run long on Sunday so that I can practice running on tired legs, to prepare me mentally and physically for the end of the race (the reasoning behind Hanson’s marathon method).  I’ll do a post later about how to pick and/or design a training plan that’s right for you.

It’s definitely an ambitious plan, but if I can stick to it, I think I can achieve that PR and at the very least, I’ll be a much stronger runner on the other side!
half marathon training planWhew, time to get to work…

Are you training for something or in a maintenance period right now?

What’s the next race on your calendar?


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