Savory Snack Bars (STRONG & KIND)

Have you guys been following the historic free-climb feat that Kevin Jorgeson and Tommy Caldwell have been attempting over the last few weeks – and finally accomplished yesterday? Amazing! And so inspiring – the climb took place over 19 days, and there were moments where they wanted to give up (there was one section of the climb where they failed several times and had to start over and over), but they rallied and kept pushing towards their goal.  I can’t imagine hanging onto a sheer rock face by my fingers for any amount of time, much less 19 days!!

Anyway, I wanted to talk about STRONG & KIND bars today – the savory bar option from KIND. I’ve been a fan of KIND’s fruit/ nut and nut/spice bars in the past because of their delicious flavors and real-food ingredients, so I was so excited when I found out that they had launched a savory line of bars! My sweet tooth has been on the decline recently (I think it might be an age thing?) and I’ve found myself craving savory foods over sweet more often than not, so a savory bar sounded like a great snack to add to my rotation. [it was.]

After I blogged about how much I loved the Roasted Jalapeño flavor I found a few weeks ago, the company reached out to me and kindly (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun) offered to send the other flavors my way.  I was excited to see how they’d stack up against the one I’d tried!

The Bars

Image source
There are currently 5 flavors in the STRONG & KIND line.  Like all the other KIND bars, the lists of ingredients are understandable and short (mostly nuts, honey, and spices) with no soy or gluten.  The STRONG & KIND bars also contain 10g of protein per bar (as compared to ~6g in their other bars).  While these bars have the same great crunchy, chewy texture found in the other KIND bars, their bold and spicy flavors set them apart.  So, what did I think?

Taste Test Results0109151648a

I had some help in the taste test department from my brother, Mike, and some of Mike’s coworkers. I know that I have a strong dislike towards certain spices (ahem, I’m looking at you, star anise), so I didn’t want my personal tastebuds to skew the ratings too much.  So without further adieu…drumroll please…

#1 – Roasted Jalapeño! Everyone who tried this bar loved this flavor.  It’s not overly spicy, but it’s got a great kick that makes it a very tasty and unique snack.

#2 – Hickory Smoked: Oo, okay, only I got to try this bar.  The smokey aroma is mouth-watering and the smokey-sweet flavor is perfectly balanced between sweet and savory, making it my personal favorite. I liked it so much that I polished it off myself, so the other taste testers will just have to take my word on this one ;)

#3 – Honey Smoked BBQ: no surprises here – it tastes like bbq sauce! Great sweet/ spice balance, just like the real thing.

#4 – Honey Mustard: The consensus was that this was the blandest of the bars, which might be a good thing for people who don’t handle spice well; it’s very easy on the tastebuds.

#?? – Thai Sweet Chili: I immediately didn’t like this bar and put it at the bottom of the list, so I was really surprised to hear that some of Mike’s coworkers actually rated this as their favorite! This bar was extremely polarizing – people either loved it or hated it.  It think it’s because it’s the boldest of the bars with a complex flavor profile.

These bars make a great mid-day snack at work or school or while traveling, and they can even serve as a quick meal replacement in a pinch because they’re very filling, thanks to all the protein.  I didn’t get to eat lunch till 3 PM because of a meeting yesterday, but I ate a bar around noon and it held me over till then! I’m gonna buy a box to keep in my desk at work for such emergencies or afternoon snack cravings.

Where to Buy: STRONG & KIND bars can be found on their website, Amazon, and many retailers nationwide.  Give ’em a try!

I’m very grateful to KIND for sharing their bars with me, and for being a company with a strong social conscience.  They award a $10,000 grant to a KIND cause every month – you can vote for one of the inspiring causes at  I’m a supporter of clean water and education projects in developing countries.

What savory flavor do you think would taste good as a bar? I’d love to see a wasabi flavor!

Do you tend to crave sweet or savory snacks? I used to be all about the sugar…what happened!?


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