Friday Faves

Hey friends, this week has been a little bit better than the last, but I’ve still felt under the weather and been lacking motivation for workouts. I’m going for a run after work tonight, and hopefully I’ll get in a spin class and long run this weekend (on Sunday, since it’s supposed to snow Saturday). I’m going to strive for greater consistency in my workouts this year from now on!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Friday Faves post – my chance to share some of my favorite things of the moment. So here we go…


Hemp Hand Protector

My hands tend to crack and bleed during the winter, and this year I noticed that my nails were splitting too. I picked up this popular hand cream from The Body Shop in hopes of relieving my skin, and sure enough, two applications a day have made my hands much healthier! My nails have healed completely and my skin isn’t cracking or bleeding (still a little dry, but I can live with that). Note: I really disliked the smell at first, but I got used to it after a few days and even like it now. It’s strong though, so if scent affects you a lot buy a small tube or try it in store before buying.  And it’s $8 off right now!


We started watching Blacklist on Netflix last month and it’s my new favorite TV series. It’s about an FBI profiler and an illegal broker/ con man bringing in criminals together. James Spader (I knew him as Robert California from The Office) is perfect as Red Reddington the con man, and his deadpanned lines have me in stitches. I can’t wait for season 2 to start back up!

Shoe Stretch Liquid

I have very wide feet, thanks to inherited bunions, so it’s always hard to find shoes that fit and it’s often painful to break them in. But then I discovered leather shoe stretcher, and it’s been a godsend! I bought two pairs of work shoes and a pair of boots from DSW a few weeks ago and wore them around the house with thick socks after applying the liquid, and they were completely comfortable to wear the next day.

o-JOHN-OLIVER-LAST-WEEK-TONIGHT-facebookLast Week Tonight with John Oliver

Have you guys watched this show? We started watching clips of Last Week Tonight on YouTube and loved it! John Oliver is hilarious and his shows (focusing on topics as varied as sugar, The Miss America Pageant, and the Scottish independence movement) are really well-researched and astonishing. If nothing else, watch the one on the U.S. nuclear weapons program. It’s pretty funny and a lot scary.

Trivia_Crack_GameTrivia Crack

Mike’s brother got us hooked on this cellphone game over the holidays. The premise is simple enough; answer multiple-choice trivia questions to gain points against your friends (or strangers). But it’s strangely addicting – I’ve never enjoyed trivia and I can’t stop playing this game. If you sign up, start a game with me!

Weird question of the day:

If your family member had been kidnapped, what fictional character or team (TV, movie, book, etc) would you want on your side to help you find them? Mike and I discussed this at length, and he decided he would want the team from Bones and I’d want Red from Blacklist.


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