Weekend Recap

Just the usual weekend recap around here:

I got a good six inches of hair chopped off on Friday after work. I don’t know why I always avoid getting my haircut; I actually kind of enjoy sitting in the chair and feeling my head get lighter. I love my haircut, but given that I’m too lazy to style it properly, I probably won’t go this short again in a while. Also, it’s barely ponytail length, as I learned the next day while getting dressed to go work out.  Good thing my hair grows fast!


Mike met me in Shirlington afterwards and we went to happy hour at Cheesetique. We got a cheeseboard and mac + cheese to share. They have happy hour specials on their wine and cheeseboards till 7 PM, so I think we’ll be doing this again soon :)

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I woke up groggy and hung-over on Saturday, thanks to a glass of wine (see culprit above) I enjoyed the night before (seriously, I have NO tolerance), but after a little food and water, I made it to the gym! I did a short run on the treadmill to warm up before 8:30 AM spin with Mike. I love doing morning workouts on weekends because it gives me a ton of energy and the rest of the day is mine.

We did some chores around the house before joining Mike’s coworkers at brunch at Ambar near Eastern Market. $35 for all-you-can-eat plus endless mimosas/ bloody marys. I liked that the food was cooked to order, vs sitting out in a buffet – and the food was really good. We had seven people in our group so we ordered and split 2-3 of almost everything on the menu and devoured it all. The veal soup, eggs Benedict, and blueberry waffle were my favorites!

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After a leisurely brunch, a few of us headed across the street to an oyster bar because they had $1 oysters and we couldn’t pass that up. I must have gotten lazy b/c I have no pics of that, or the dinner at home with friends afterwards. We did a hot-pot style dinner (our new electric skillet is getting TONS of use!) and sat around talking till nearly midnight. Loved having a social weekend and catching up with so many friends :)

Sunday was a seriously lazy day, and I considered pushing my long run till Monday evening…till I saw gale force warnings for Monday, lol. I finally headed out in the afternoon (40 degrees, hello!) and did 10 miles in two loops around the house. A few miles into the run, I was warmed up and felt strong, and it ended up being a GREAT run. Such a contrast to my struggle-bus 9 mile run the week before – just goes to show, one crappy run isn’t a predictor of future performance!

Mike watched the game in the evening, while I watched a lecture for class – with a break to watch the half-time show :) I thought Katy Perry did a great job, and Missy was awesome.  Also, apparently they’re re-booting Heroes?? Hope it’s as good as the first series!

heroesreborn_1What TV show would you like to see rebooted? I wish they’d bring Battlestar Galactica back…(nerd alert) – I was a huge fan.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. I LOVE your food posts. Even though I’m vegetarian, everything always looks so delicious. I wish there were somewhere like Cheesetique around here.

    Your new hair cut looks good… although I’m with you on the frustration of struggling to get your hair into a ponytail :-)

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