{Training Update} Seeing Results

I had been looking forward to doing my speedwork after work all day today, because it was warm enough to do it outside! I had 4 X 800 meters on the training schedule, so I jogged a mile to a running path with a straight flat section about half a mile long.  Lately, I’ve found intervals longer than 400 meters to be a struggle on the treadmill, so I knew it would be better to do them outside while I could.

My goal was an 8 min pace for the interval and I thought that might be a stretch, so I was pretty surprised when I finished my first interval in 3:45 (a 7:30 pace)! I definitely slowed down after the first two intervals, but I still ran each interval at faster than my goal pace.  It’s just about where I was in April of last year.  I can tell that my solid training this year is starting to pay off :)

Quick recap of the last two weeks of training:

Training Log (Jan 26 – Feb 1)

Mon: Body Pump class – went a little easier this time with the weights so I could recover for speedwork Wednesday

Tue: 5 easy-paced miles on T/M (9:59 pace) – legs actually felt great

Wed: 3 X 800 meters on T/M – this workout was a total fail; I was supposed to do 4 X 800 but found myself really struggling to hold onto the pace (~8:00, 7.5 on the treadmill with a 1.0 incline) during the intervals.  I took long recovery breaks and still couldn’t get my legs moving, so I called it quits after the 3rd one.  It happens – when I know I’m not going to get much out of a workout, I don’t push myself too hard and risk injury.

Thr: spin class and some weights/ core at home

Fri: rest day!

Sat: 3 easy miles followed by a spin class – I don’t like to go more than 2 days between runs (feel like my legs lose some “running memory” and take longer to hit my stride), which is the only reason I ran before spin.

Sun: 10 miles outside (9:45 pace) – this was a magically easy run with great weather in the 40s! Total confidence-builder after my tough 9 mile run the week before.  Don’t let one bad run define you as a runner!

Training Log (Feb 2 – 8)

Mon: rest day – felt tired, so I skipped Body Pump.

Tue: 5 easy-paced miles on T/M (10:13 pace)

Wed: rest day

Thr: rest day – I don’t remember what happened these two days – I think we had to do budget/ taxes for the year, and I probably had no energy to run, lol

Fri: 3 X 1200 meters on the T/M – my goal for this workout was not to fade at the end of each 1200 (they feel LONG on the treadmill), so I started off at 7.1 and increased the speed every 400 meters (

Sat: rest (back injury)

Sun: rest (back injury)

I really hate to yo-yo my mileage and training in this fashion, but in this case, it couldn’t be helped – my injury definitely required rest.  I’m going to start working in a little yoga each week and be more diligent about my core work to strengthen my back.

Do you feel that you run faster on the treadmill or outside? Is either one easier?


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