Friday Faves

I meant to publish this yesterday, but better late than never, right? 

Hey friends! I’m sharing some Friday Faves today and wishing you happy Valentine’s Day weekend! I’m looking forward to a 12 mile run tomorrow morning (I ordered a new super-warm running jacket for the occasion – will share how it performs later), dinner/ drinks at a bourbon bar with Mike – way to re-hydrate, right? – and lots of downtime this weekend!

Some latest favorites I wanted to share:

Naked Green Machine Juice0210151732

Given that it’s prime cold/ flu season, we’ve been trying to get our daily dose of vitamin C. Mike bought a big bottle of Green Machine juice when I wasn’t feeling great and we’ve been hooked! I’ve been drinking a couple glasses each week and I swear it makes me feel a little more energized (it’s also downright tasty).

Vacation planning

My college buddies and I have decided to take a short vacation together this summer, and I’ve been enjoying researching destinations and activities. We’re looking into southern coastal destinations, and it’s heaven to imagine sitting on a beach with some of my best friends six months from now.

Clinique CC Cream0210151733

I got a sample of this from a Clinique order a few months ago, and I started using it when my BB cream ran out. Well, I liked it so much that I bought it when I finished the sample; it has the medium level of coverage I want (more than my Skin79 BB cream, less than a foundation), it’s moisturizing, has SPF, doesn’t break me out, and makes my skin look fantastic – kind of dewy and clean. I mix it with some lotion before applying to customize the coverage level and add some more moisture, which I really need in the winter. I highly recommend it if you want something with a little more coverage than a tinted moisturizer but hate wearing foundation.


I love the show Nashville for its amazing country songs (I’m not normally a country music lover!), so I knew as soon as I saw the previews for Empire that I’d have to watch it. It’s about the head of a hip-hop music production company deciding the future of his company (he’s terminally ill). The plot is interesting enough, but the music and characters are what make the show completely addicting.

Three day weekends

‘Nuff said, right? I’ve got big plans for Monday – reorganize the file cabinet, donate stuff at Goodwill, and maybe take a nap. It’s gonna be crazy.

What’s one exciting thing you’re doing this weekend?


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