Vday Weekend

We had a total gift of a snow day yesterday here, turning our three day weekend into a four day.  Not a lot of snow to speak of – certainly nothing compared to Boston – but enough to shut the city down for a day.0217150948aI stayed in my pajamas and worked from home and didn’t leave the house once (I took a rest day from working out).  It was glorious.

Backing up a few days – Mike and I celebrated Valentine’s Day on Friday with a cheese and wine night at home!
0213151821 We opened up this bottle of Moscato d’Asti I picked up at the market a few weeks ago.  I like my wine sweet, so this was right up my alley :)
0213151810a I waited for the weather to warm up on Saturday morning before heading out for my run, so I didn’t leave the house till about 11 – it was a balmy 20 degrees by then ;) Honestly, it was a tough run; I picked a hillier route than usual, and my legs were stiff from the cold. But I got 12 miles in, which puts me in good shape for my first half marathon this weekend! You can see my slowest miles (5, 9 and 12) were the ones uphill, lol.
Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 8.11.38 PM We had intended to go out Saturday night, but we found out that a couple of Mike’s college friends were in town, so we decided to grab brunch with them on Sunday and stay in on Saturday instead. Game night!0215151917a That’s the typical spot that Lucy (in the background) occupies all day, by the way.  She’s singed her tail against the very hot glass on more than one occasion, but that doesn’t stop her from gluing herself to the fireplace whenever it’s on.

We started Sunday morning with a spin class together at the gym. My whole body was sore from the 12-miler the day before, but I really wanted to try out my new spin shoes (they were a steal at $50 on Campmor).  Clipping in made all the difference during the standing intervals – the energy transfer from leg to pedal to bike was noticeably smoother, and I was able to pedal faster and harder.
0211151535aThe instructor had us doing Tabatas and intense intervals the whole class so my legs were burning and shaking by the time we got off the bike.  Not the easy recovery day I had planned! We came home and showered, watched a sermon at home (didn’t have time to make it to church before brunch), and met up with our friends at a new-to-us place – The Pig, in Logan Circle.0215151254 I forgot to take pictures of our mains, but Mike’s order of face bacon was AMAZING – and I don’t even like bacon.0215151325 10408492_3700860564625_4318122163247261349_n So nice to see you guys, Spencer and Sammy!

We spent the rest of Sunday doing chores, and treated ourselves to hot yoga on Monday at CorePower Yoga in Falls Church.  The warm room and stretching was just what I needed after the harder workouts of the weekend.  I definitely need to start bringing yoga back into my schedule, especially as my mileage and workout intensity increase.

Do you think you could work from home every day? I definitely couldn’t; I used to work on a project where I could telework as much as I wanted, and I found that I started to get stir-crazy after 4 consecutive days at home (i.e. Sat thru Tues).  I need a reason to leave the house!


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