Fixing My Knee (Again)

I thought I’d be running my first race (Colonial Half Marathon) of the year and visiting my brother this weekend down in Williamsburg this weekend, but my big plans got cancelled thanks to snow on the forecast.
snow I’m glad the race organizers were proactive about cancelling the race early, but I’m hoping they reconsider their no-refund policy (the only adjustment they’re offering is a 25% discount to next year’s race).

It’s probably a good thing I’m not racing this weekend because my left knee has started to bother me again this week, and my kneecap was moving all over the place this morning. It doesn’t hurt while running, so my current plan is to start doing the PT exercises prescribed for this issue last year and to tape it up. I’ve done just a single strip across the knee in the past, but given how “loose” my knee feels right now, I’m going to try this full-knee support method from KT Tape.
IMG_3006Image source

I’m still planning on doing a long run this weekend (it’ll be in the 40s on Sunday, so I’ll definitely be outside!), but I’ll try to find a flat path to run on, vs the smallish hills I’ve been tackling on my long run routes lately. Given the snow we’re expecting on Saturday, this weekend might also be my chance to break out the Yaxtrax my sister bought me for Christmas, and I’m oddly excited about that ;)

Aside from my long run, I’ll be keeping my workouts and all other activities indoors! I have some work and homework to catch up on, so it’s not the worst weekend to spend cooped up in the house.

Do you have big plans for the weekend? Do share!

If you’ve registered for a race that was then cancelled, how were you compensated?


2 thoughts on “Fixing My Knee (Again)

  1. Sorry to hear about your knee! Injuries are so tough. Have you tried PT exercises again? I’ve noticed when I do mine less, my ankle feels weaker. But doing them a couple times a week usually is enough to maintain it. I hope you feel better soon!

    1. Dawn H.

      Thanks Gloria! Yes, I’m definitely doing PT exercises again, and I think they’re making a difference already. I’m going to be rigorous about doing them for the next couple of months!

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