Snowy Weekend in DC!

Hey friends! I’m feeling energized after a really relaxing weekend.  I’ve been having some trouble sleeping lately, but I bought a bottle of ZzzQuil this weekend and it’s changed my life – 8-9 hours of blissful, uninterrupted sleep. Of course it’s better to sleep without using chemical sleep aids, but I go through periods of insomnia and I’ll take sleep with drugs over no sleep at all.

But backing up, Friday started with another wine and cheese night at home with Mike:
0220151817The Cambozola (aka “blue brie”) in the middle was incredible – sooo creamy with just the slightest tang of blue cheese.

I joined Mike for a spin class at the gym on Saturday morning, sporting KT tape all over my left knee.  It was a great workout as always, and didn’t bother my knee at all (I was still very careful during the standing portions of class).
0221150807aThe rest of the weekend was devoted to homework and a proposal for work, but I took a break in the evening to play in the snow!

Mike demonstrating his excellent snow-balling skills…
0221151752b 0221151757 I had hoped to go for a run on Sunday, but the sidewalks weren’t clear and I didn’t think it was a great idea to run on snow/ice or the treadmill, given how uncomfortable my knee was. I did my knee PT exercises instead and took it easy, and my knee felt better today so I think it was the right call.

Don’t be shocked, but this is what the cats did all weekend.  They lead a hard life.
Speaking of which, I need this shirt:cat shirt

Fellow cheese lovers, what’s your favorite cheese?


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