Weekend Highlights: 8 Years, Snow, Sushi

Hey friends,

I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday. Daylight Saving Time hit me like a train yesterday morning when my alarm went off, and this morning was no better. It was so nice leaving the house with some light last week – why do we still observe DST!?

Backing up to two weekends ago (because I didn’t blog at all last week):

Mike and I celebrated our 8 year (dating) anniversary at Central Michel Richard in DC, known for their amazing fried chicken. The restaurant has been on our “DC restaurant” bucket list (generated by recommendations from friends and restaurant reviews), and this was our chance to cross it off. We thought the fried chicken was good, but Mike’s rack of lamb took the cake. It was a solid meal rounded out by cheese gougeres to start and the “kitkat” bar for dessert! Central – done. PicMonkey Collage 1
Last week was a short one, thanks to a snow day on Thursday! I love snow days.  The view from my bus stop: 0226151014
We haven’t had a ton of snow here (last week’s storm deposited some 5-8 inches), but the sidewalks have been icy/ slushy so I stuck to the treadmill for most of my runs the last two weeks. A new pair of New Balance 890s arrived last week to make them all a bit more bearable :) new balance 890
And this past weekend, Mike’s dad and sister came to visit us and pretty much all we did was eat:

Starting with the favorites: Korean BBQ, Peruvian chicken, pho… 0308151451 0306152007 0306152016We took a short break from all the food for some bowling Saturday afternoon, where I bowled a couple of great frames and then gutter balls the rest of the time, lol.  I need to work on my arm strength!

And then the highlight of the weekend – an epic dinner at the chef’s counter at Sushi Taro Saturday evening! Mike and I went two years ago and I wrote about it here, so I won’t recap it course by course again. Just the pics:PicMonkey Collage 2 We sat at the counter for nearly three hours as the chef created each course in front of us and discussed each type of fish/ seafood as we ate. It was an amazing and fun evening with lots of good (and strange) food.

I intended to get in my 12 mile run on Sunday morning outside (the weather was gorgeous), but I didn’t wake up in time to get it done before everyone left. We went out for brunch before everyone left, and discovered the gem that is Del Ray Café! Food was great, but the real highlights were the homey setting and cheerful staff.0308151021a 0308151021b I was so tired that I thought about taking a rest day, but I finally got on the treadmill in the afternoon after everyone left for a couple of miles (better than nothing, right?) to boost my weekly mileage. Once I got going though, I realized I wasn’t as tired as I thought – I ended up doing my planned long run of 12 miles, stopping every 4 miles for some water/ gel. 12 miles on the treadmill might sound torturous, but I ran on one of the new treadmills at the gym (very stable with a super-smooth belt), so it actually wasn’t that bad, even with my wonky knee :D

Anyway, the weather is starting to warm up here, so I’m looking forward to some runs outside! I’ll have a training update and a knee injury update up on the blog later this week.


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