{Training Update} Finding Consistency

This training cycle, I’ve been having trouble maintaining my weekly mileage from the start. For the last couple of months, my mileage has yo-yoed from week to week for various reasons:

yoyo mileage

I know I’ve taken rest days/ rest weeks for necessary reasons, but I’ve lacked consistency, which is key to building the mental and physical endurance needed on race day. I don’t doubt that I can handle the half marathon distance despite skipping several long runs over this training cycle (I’ve done a couple of 12 milers already), but going the distance week after week in all kinds of conditions is what really prepares me to RACE the distance.

But there’s still nearly half the training cycle left, and I’m finally healthy and my knee feels strong. These last two weeks, I’ve hit my training target times, taken it easy on easy days, and pushed myself not to skip a workout as much as possible. They’ve been awesome, confidence building weeks, and I’m going to push myself to maintain this consistency for the rest of the cycle!

Week 9: Feb 23-Mar 1

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 4.33.50 PM

Mon: yoga video

Tue: 5 easy miles on T/M (10:34 pace)

Wed: 12 X 400 meter repeats outside (1 mile warmup, 1 mile cooldown) – this was my favorite workout of the week. I ran to a straight stretch on the 4 Mile Run trail and had no trouble hitting my target pace for each repeat (target 2:00, averaged 1:57, 90 second recovery between each). I got a little tired towards the end, but I pushed myself and felt great when I was done!

Thur: rest day!

Fri: 5 miles @ race pace (8:51) on T/M (1 mile w/u, 0.5 mile c/d) – I really dread doing sustained tempo/ pace workouts on the treadmill, but I tried out one of the new incline treadmills at the gym and the smooth belt and stable base made ALL the difference – race pace felt a lot more feasible and 5 miles went by quickly.

Sat: spin class

Sun: 10 mile long run on T/M (9:44 pace)

Week 10: Mar 2-8

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 4.33.44 PM

Mon: rest (sick)

Tue: rest (sick)

Wed: 6 X 800 on T/M (1 mile w/u, 0.5 mile c/d) – intervals went 4:00, 4:02, 3:59, 4:00, 3:58, 3:59 (target was 4:00), 2 minute recovery. I’m starting to love speedwork again!

Thur: snow day spin class :D

Fri: 5 miles @ race pace (8:47) on T/M (1 mile w/u, 0.5 mile c/d) – went pretty much the same as it did the week before

Sat: 6 easy miles (10:20 pace) on T/M – I got on the mill intending to do my long run, but quickly realized I was more wiped than I expected to be from Friday’s race pace run. I decided to just do my 6 mile easy run instead and do my long run on Sunday. Lesson learned – don’t try to do two hard workouts in a row!

Sun: 12 miles on T/M (9:44 pace)

My spring races are getting closer, and I finally feel “racing ready”. My first race of the year will be the Four Courts Four Miler this Saturday, followed by the Dumfries Half next weekend. Then I have five more weeks to train before my second half – probably the Columbia Half in Maryland – at the end of April. I think I’m in good shape to try for 1:55 at Dumfries (my current PR is 1:58)!

My goals this week are to get in all my planned runs, run a good race on Saturday, and bring a little weight-lifting back into the routine.


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