Hello Spring! Running Outside Again

Happy first day of spring, friends! We were treated to a light dusting of snow in DC in celebration of the occasion :) It’s been such a weird winter here.

For my fellow DC-ers, pre-sale registration for Rock ’n’ Roll DC 2016 is currently ongoing (ends this Sunday), and the half or full are just $50! Registration fees can be over $100 for just the half, so this is an incredible deal. I ran the half last year and really enjoyed the unique course (monuments + DC neighborhoods), so I’m snagging the deal for the half again :)

Running Outside Again

I was pretty nervous going into my 6 mile pace run yesterday after work. The temperature was in low 50s and the day was gorgeous, so I had no excuse to take the run to the treadmill, which is what I’ve been doing for the last two weeks (and most of this winter). I know this might sound weird, but I actually like training on the treadmill because I can just set the speed, watch a show on my iPad, and the run goes by really quickly. But this weekend’s race showed me that running on the treadmill doesn’t prepare me well for the harder surface of the road and the environmental factor outside – so my goal over the next two weeks is to transition back to running outside most of the time.

Anyway, I laced up and headed outside as soon as I got home…and remembered how GOOD it feels to run outside. Especially when the weather is nice! Sure, I felt a little hot or cold at times when the sun was beating down or when I was running against the wind and it was harder to maintain my pace with the steady incline in the last mile, but I felt great throughout the run and so accomplished at the end. My music player ran out of battery after the first two miles, so I just focused on my form and my mantra for the run: train_insane_or_remain_the_same_hoodieImage source

Yup, it did the trick.  Whenever my legs were struggling or felt mentally tired, I repeated it to myself over and over (in my head) and found myself picking up the pace again.  So glad I saw it on my Runner’s High page-a-day calendar that day – mantras really help me focus on tough runs.

Paces: 8:44, 8:34, 8:41, 8:26, 8:34, 8:44 – slightly faster than my goal pace (8:47). Most of the miles felt fairly easy, so I can tell that my work on the treadmill is actually paying off. I stopped the garmin a good number of times for the last mile – it’s a slight incline that never fails to slow me at the end of a run. My goal for my next pace run is to conquer that last mile at goal pace without stopping my watch!

I’m looking forward to my long run (12 miles) tomorrow already, even though the weather will definitely be chillier in the morning. We’re going to my favorite restaurant for dinner – Toki Underground – so I’ll just picture that steaming bowl of ramen anytime I get cold :)


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