Easter Plans + Friday Faves

I am so glad the work week is over. I’ve felt completely exhausted the last two days because both nights I woke up at 2-3 AM and couldn’t go back to sleep. I’m wondering whether my heart rate/ body temperature are still too elevated from working out in the PM? I’ve been on an afternoon workout schedule lately to take advantage of the warmer temps, but I think it might be time to shift back to AM workouts.

We have a ton of fun things planned for this Easter weekend! We’re kicking things off with a Good Friday service at church tonight, I’m checking out the church running group Sat morning, celebrating my bday that evening with a few friends (low-key dinner somewhere tasty), Easter service on Sunday and brunch at a friend’s house. BTW, if you’re in the DC area and want to go to an Easter service, DC Metro Church has 5 services at its Alexandria location, which is within walking distance from the Braddock metro stop.

I’m in the mood to share some Friday Faves this week…

Friday Faves

Signs of spring! I love the changing of the seasons, and my favorite thing about spring (aside from the longer daylight hours and warmer temps) is seeing the first buds bloom. I saw these crocuses on my long run a couple weeks ago!
0321151148 I’ve wanted to find a way to display my race medals without hanging them on the walls (wall space is a premium in our condo), and when I saw the vase suggestion on NYC Running Mama’s blog, I knew that was the simple and elegant solution I was looking for. I picked up this $5 vase from Target a few weeks ago and pulled out my medals from the back of my drawer. Seeing the display on our dresser before each run reminds me that I’m so much stronger than I think I am.
0324151953a This song from Empire. So upbeat and catchy! “I’d rather stand tall, than live on my knees, ‘cause I am a conqueror and I won’t accept defeat…”

Arm warmers! Why did it take me so long to buy these? I hate feeling cold at the start of a run, so they’re perfect for me in runs from 45-60 degrees, where I feel a little chilly starting out with a t-shirt but feel warmed up in a mile or two and can push them down. Mine’s this $10 ASICS pair.
0401151628 Health Warrior Chia bars. I found these at my supermarket and have been buying one or two each week. They’re perfect for work when I need to sneak a snack before/ after a long meeting so I don’t pass out! I find them very tasty, quick to eat and they keep the hunger at bay for an hour or two. I just need to check I don’t have any seeds stuck in my teeth afterwards ;) I always have one in my work purse now. The coconut flavor is my favorite, but I also like the Acai Berry and Peanut Butter Chocolate.
DSC_14161 Image source

What have you been enjoying lately?

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!


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