Weekend(s) in Pictures

Woah, can’t believe it’s been over a week since I’ve posted! Let’s just pretend I’ve been on vacation, shall we ;) Work has been really busy lately, and I’ve been studying hard to finish my spring semester on a strong note. Anyway, here’s what’s been going on here lately on the non-running front…

Easter Weekend

I meant to celebrate my birthday the Saturday of Easter weekend, but I ended up not feeling great and cancelled dinner plans.  But Sunday was beautiful, and after a wonderful Easter service, we went to an amazing brunch hosted by Mike’s coworker Jess!
0405151408c 0405151408
My pictures seriously don’t do justice to the brunch – there was an enormous spread inside (everything was sooo good), and a bloody Mary/ mimosa bar set up outside. After eating and chatting for an hour, we hunted around the yard for Easter eggs with lottery scratch-offs inside :)

My birthday fell during the workweek, so we didn’t do much to celebrate – but I was craving Bonchon chicken, so Mike went out and got some.  Still as good as ever.
Also ate my first macaron (or two…or three)! Such an awesome gift from Vivian – from the popular Olivia Macaron.  I’m a fan! The Lady Gray flavor was my favorite.

Boston Wedding Weekend

This past weekend, we were in Boston for a college friend’s wedding! Both mine and Mike’s sisters live there, so we got to spend some time with them too.

My sister and I met up on Friday at Dumpling House near Harvard Square – I was craving Chinese food since we haven’t found a favorite place near DC.  The soup dumplings were just okay, but this fried tofu with bean sauce was the bomb.
To my surprise, most of the snow was gone! I just saw this one dumping ground on the way to J’s place.0411151316
Hotels in Boston/ Cambridge are really expensive, so we decided to try airbnb this time around. So glad we did; the place we stayed at was gorgeous and so comfortable (tempurpedic bed!).  It’s this listing, if you’re curious.  We’ll definitely be using airbnb more in the future!
We celebrated my birthday with our sisters at Puritan and Co, a restaurant in Cambridge that came highly recommended by Mike’s sister. Everything on the tasting menu was so tasty, but my favorite course was the starter pretzel buns #carbsforeverpuritan and co
We went running Sunday morning (so chilly!) before getting some food at Hmart and then getting ready for the wedding. Graffiti alley near the Hmart was beautiful:
Then it was time for Derek and Cecilia’s wedding – we knew Derek from our Christian college group, and we loved Cecilia as soon as we met her! She’s incredibly gracious and warm. The only non-blurry picture I got during the ceremony:
DSC0388511149449_10204281164369268_7388169666058124021_n Loved the centerpiece arrangement – the lemons are so unique!DSC03890
Weddings are pretty much the only times we’re dressed up, so we take pictures like these a lot, lol.DSC03889
That felt like an insanely long post, so if you made it to the end, you’re probably my sister or other family member =) Running updates coming later this week!


2 thoughts on “Weekend(s) in Pictures

  1. Sister J

    Hahaha I obviously made it to the end!
    1. You look BEAUTIFUL in that dress, and I love your shoes!! What a great color for the dress – super Eastery, and it reminds me of your room growing up :)
    2. You weren’t kidding when you said that the Easter brunch was a fete. That polka dot runner on the table is so cute!
    3. The macarons look too pretty to eat!!
    4. You got a weirdly pretty picture of such an ugly snow dump site.
    5. How were the pretzel buns your favorite?? We had steak tartare that tasted like a Big Mac! It doesn’t get better than that!!

    Happy birthday, ya cute dork :). Love you!!

    1. Dawn H.

      Thanks J :) Mint is my favorite color this season. huh, the snow dump picture is pretty nice, isn’t it? #LGG3 :D

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