{Training Update} Weeks 13+14

Yikes guys. I’m so behind on my workout logs. The last one I posted was for weeks 11 and 12, and I’m in week 16 right now. It’s a bit daunting, but I’m going to try to catch up by posting weeks 13 and 14 today, and weeks 15 and 16 next week. I like having these recaps to go back to and seeing what I did right and what I could do better next time around.

BTW, if you’re wondering exactly how long this training cycle will last – me too, friend, me too. Right now, I’ve planned workouts to week 22 (end of May), which is the week of the Wine Country Half. I originally intended to start in January and go no further than a 16 week training cycle to get me through 2-3 half marathons, but my early half marathons got cancelled due to weather so I kept pushing the training cycle longer. I’m training for the Columbia Half (in less than 2 weeks, eek!) and the Wine Country Half and hoping to break 1:55 in either/both race(s). I’m looking forward to cutting my running back a bit in June before ramping back up for fall marathon training!

Week 13: March 23-29

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 6.13.38 PM

Mon: yoga – this video from Runner’s World. Love the running-specific focus – hello, hips and calves!

Tue: 400-1600 meter ladder (400, 800, 1200, 1600 then back down) on treadmill – I did these all at 8:00 pace, and while the 1600 was tough, I told myself that I only had one of them to do. I took short 0.15 mile recovery intervals to cut down on the length of the workout because this one totaled 7 miles with warm-up and cool-down.

Wed/Thurs: Rest (came home late on Weds, and had bad cramps on Thurs – so fun being a woman)

Fri: 8 miles easy outside (9:36 pace)– I didn’t set out to run 8 miles since I had a race on Sunday, but the weather was gorgeous and I knew my mileage would be pretty low that week, so I ended up going 4 miles out and back on the W&OD trail. I felt great the whole run and followed it up with some yoga at home.

Sat: 4 miles easy on T/M (10:50 pace) – My legs were a little tired from Friday and I was trying to break in my new shoes…more on that later.

Sun: Alum Run 10K (9:20 pace) – recap here.

Week 14: March 30 – April 5

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 6.13.42 PM

Mon: rest day

Tue: 4 X 1 mile @ 8:38 on the treadmill – this was my first workout that transitioned from speedwork (something with 400, 800, 1600 meter repeats) to strength work, adapted from the Hanson’s Marathon Method. The idea is that you run slower than speedwork pace but sustain it longer; think of it as a short tempo, done at ~10 seconds faster than your goal race pace. The 1 mile intervals really weren’t too hard, and I took a 0.25 mile jogging recovery between each one. I followed it up with some weights/ core.

Wed: 6 easy miles outside (10:10 pace) – so windy, but it was 70 degrees! Favorite post-run yoga afterwards.

Thr: 7 miles at race pace (8:51) – I first tried this workout before work, and couldn’t get through even a mile at my goal pace. After stopping and starting a few times, I called it quits and decided to try again after work. I knew I was really tired from poor sleep the night before, but I decided to just take it a few miles at a time and take short water breaks between miles 3-4 and 4-5. I was a few seconds off from my target pace (8:47), but given how tired I was, I was just happy I got it done.

Fri: yoga – this Ekhart video for runners

Sat: 10 miles on T/M (9:46 pace) – this was the second workout this week I almost gave up on. I felt tired from the get-go, and 4 miles in, I got a bad side-stitch and had to walk for a good 10 minutes (didn’t count it in my distance or pace). I really wanted to quit, but knew I wouldn’t have time to get it done on Sunday with our Easter activities, so I ate a gel, drank some water and powered through.

Sun: Easter Sunday! Rest day

Lacing Troubles

new balance 890

I alluded to my shoe troubles earlier in the post, so here’s what I’ve been experiencing. I bought a new pair of New Balance 890 v4, shown above (I have the v3s and love them) and the fit appears to be different from the v3s because they’ve been giving me issues each time I wear them. I was going to try to return them, but then I came across this article on different lacing techniques and realized that could solve my problem. Brilliant. I have wide feet and my heels were slipping out of the heel cups, so I first tried Altra’s lacing technique. It solved those two issues, but I then started having arch pain along the sides of my feet (because I guess the middle of the foot was too unsupported?). So after trying a variety of lacing styles, I sort of made up my own and it seems to be doing the trick:


In case you can’t tell, the laces go up from the first set of holes (instead of diagonally), then I lace normally until I get to the top.  The laces go from the second-to-top hole to the top hole (usually not used) without crossing diagonally.  I find that the extra space near the toes helps my wide feet, and using the very top hole helps my foot stay in the shoe.

I still feel a little arch pain when I start, but after a mile or two it goes away and the shoe feels pretty comfortable. I wish I could just get another pair of the v3s – they felt perfect from the beginning…

Are you picky about your running shoes? Are you loyal to a particular line/ brand?


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