Friday Faves: Running Fuel Edition

Hey friends! It’s my third post this week, so I’m feeling really on top of things. Only not really, because I have a homework assignment, final project, and final exam to start studying for, all of which I’ll probably save for the week they’re due. Seriously, my time management skills actually get worse the less I have to do – I was much more on top of things when I was taking two classes instead of one…

But it’s Friday, and I’m looking forward to spending the evening relaxing with these guys (and an unpictured Lucy): 0320151934
Today I wanted switch things up from a normal Friday Faves post and talk about what I’ve been eating lately before, during and after a run. Fueling and hydration are important to performance (and needs can change over time), so if you’ve felt exhausted or out of energy during a run, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate what you’re eating. This is what’s been working for me during my half marathon training:


-Energy: I’ve been trying to work out in the mornings again, and since I’m less than half-awake before my cup of coffee at work, I mix a half-scoop of this RedLeaf pre-workout energizer (found on Amazon) with a glass of water and down it before heading out the door. I’ve also tried the Pocketfuel Energy Shots (available in a couple places, I bought mine from Running Warehouse, I think?)– these are really tasty, with a watery-gel consistency that tastes like slightly sweetened coffee, if that makes any sense.

– Fuel: Before weekday runs, I’ll eat half a HoneyStinger waffle (lemon flavor is my favorite) or a graham cracker on the way out the door. For longer weekend runs, I just eat more carbs, like an English muffin/ banana with almond butter, and I’ll try to eat it about 30 min before running (any longer and I get hungry again, lol). PicMonkey Collage

On the Run

If I’m running any longer than 7-8 miles, I’ll carry a gel or two. I’m still loyal to the strawberry banana PowerGels – the consistency is thinner than Gus, so I can eat a whole gel pretty quickly, and I like the extra caffeine and flavor. powergels


I swear that I recover more quickly on the days I have a protein shake as soon as I get home, so after speedwork/ pace/ long runs, I mix a scoop of protein powder and glucosamine powder with some almond milk in my shaker. This Optimum Nutrition protein powder came highly recommended, and it tastes very chocolatey and has no aftertaste (at least to me), but I’ll probably look for one with more natural ingredients next time. Recommendations welcome!0220151535a
Do you tend to eat the same foods before/ during/ after a run, or do you like to switch it up?


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