{Training Update} Weeks 15+16

My first big race of the year is coming up this Sunday – the Columbia Half.  I’m nervous for my 1:55 goal, I’m not gonna lie – I didn’t do as well as I’d hoped at the 4 miler and 10K earlier this year.  But I know that I’ve worked hard since January to get my running base back and build up my endurance and speed, and that weather wasn’t on my side (rain, cold, wind) during those first two races of the year.  All I can do now is trust the training! Here’s how the last two weeks went down:

Week 15: April 6-12


Mon: rest day

Tue: 4 easy on T/M (10:39 pace)

Wed: 3 X 1.5 miles at strength pace on T/M – Warmed up for 1 mile, then did 1.5 miles at ~8:37 pace (averaged 13:58) at 1.0 incline, and finished with 0.75 mile cool down. Followed up the run with a quick weight routine.

Thr: 4 easy on T/M (10:28 pace)

Fri: 7 race-paced miles on T/M (8:44 pace) – I did a short warm-up (0.5 miles) since this was a long run, and then got right to race pace. I tried to throw in some incline every other mile (up to 3 or 4) since so many of my runs have been on flat treadmill surface. I definitely felt it the next day!

Sat: rest day!

Sun: 8 miles outside in Boston (10:21 pace) – This was a terrible run – I was cold and facing headwind for the first 4 miles, so I stopped and stretched my calves frequently (probably took 3 minutes walking break every mile, not reflected in pace time). My legs finally started to better when I turned around for the last 4, but I was glad when this run was done.

Week 16: April 13-16


Mon: rest day

Tue: rest day

Wed: 2 X 2 at strength pace on T/M – This run felt great – I love my speed/strength run each week! After a 1 mile warm-up, I ran at ~8:37 pace for 2 miles (17:13 average time) with a 0.25 mile recovery walk/ jog in between. I finished it up with 1.25 miles cool down, and did a short weight routine afterwards.

Thr: rest day – allergies!!

Fri: Planned 7 race-pace miles – I ended up cutting this run short at 2.5 miles because my feet hurt (still having issues with my NB 890v4s) and I wasn’t feeling it.

Sat: 6 race-pace miles on T/M (8:46 pace) – I decided to complete the workout I planned for Friday, and ended up doing 6 miles at race pace after a mile warm-up. My legs were tired for sure, but I was glad I didn’t have to skip this workout.

Sun: 12 miles on T/M (9:48) – Sunday was pretty windy, so I did my long run on the treadmill. I honestly don’t mind it much; I watch TV on my ipad, vary the speed/ incline every couple of minutes, and stop every 3-4 miles for water or gel. This run went by fast!

My plan for this week included a short speed workout yesterday and now only short, easy runs with lots of stretching till Sunday’s race!


5 thoughts on “{Training Update} Weeks 15+16

    1. Dawn H.

      Ahh, sorry for the late reply! I didn’t end up running the race (see this post). Definitely the right decision for me that day, but I wish I could have run it. Did you run it?

  1. B

    Ah! I just read it, now I feel terrible for asking. I hope your legs are feeling better! :)

    I did run it! It’s good you didn’t if you weren’t feeling 100% because it was hilllyyy (but pretty). Granted, it was my first, but I finished about 5 minutes after my predicted time because it was hilly and I wasn’t prepared for it. I already can’t wait for the next, the Navy Air-Force Half!

    1. Dawn H.

      Oh don’t feel bad! Its so nice to know someone cares :) woah, 5 min delay with hills isn’t bad. Navy AF is flat, so you’ll kill it.

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