A Weekend of Firsts

The spring semester is over, woohoo! I took my final on Wednesday, and was doing proposal support the rest of the week, but I’m back on the blog this week.  Hope you all had a great Mother’s Day weekend – my mom is out of country at the moment, but we’ll be taking her out to dinner when she gets back!

The theme for this weekend was “firsts”…like my first time taking an epsom salt bath: 0501152032a Part of my attempt to stave off the soreness I had a few weeks ago. I don’t know how well the bath works for me, but these salts felt (and smelled) fantastic.

I decided it was time to start running with a running group again, so I met up with Pacers Alexandria for the long run on Saturday. It’s so well organized (check-in sheet, cold gatorade/water afterwards) and has a range of paces! I was running about a 10 min pace and found two girls to run and chat with. I think I’ll be running with them all summer. The 10 miles went by pretty fast, despite the extremely muggy weather.

No pics from the run, so here’s my post-run lunch of pasta topped with egg and veggies on the side:IMG_20150504_184204

We also tried a new church! We love DC Metro Church, but are looking for a church with a more permanent congregation.  We know we like a church when they serve lunches like this:0503151129 Mm curry with kimchi. Why does even simple food taste so much better when someone else makes it?

Since apparently I only managed to capture pics of food, here’s a couple more, from a new-to-us Thai place – Duangrat’s Thai in Falls Church.  Actually, we’ve eaten here a couple of times but I keep forgetting how great it is! We got the calamari, lad nar (soo good), and pad see ew.  I could eat this every weekend #whyimarunner0507151750I leave you with this pic – today was yoga day after work, and Kitty joined me in savasana to show me how it’s done :) 2005

What’s something new you’ve tried (activity, food, event) lately?


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