Marathon #3, Here We Go

Hi friends!! I sort of fell off the face of the earth there – sorry.  It’s been a busy summer – I’m studying for the GREs, tutoring my BIL for the SATs, and I’ve started a new project at work.  On the running front, last I wrote I was training for the Wine Country Half.  Well, I didn’t end up running the race.  I injured my big toe during a run the week before – I think I bent my toe too much while running up a hill because the first joint hurt to bend afterwards – and it was much too painful to run on.  No idea what the injury was, but it took a good month for the toe to feel normal again.  I cross-trained on the bike, did some Tae Bo, and started using the stairmaster once my toe could handle it, so I feel like I’m still in decent shape!

And this week, I’m starting to train for marathon #3.  I spent some time contemplating what training plan to use, and ultimately decided to give the Hanson Marathon Method a shot.  If you’re not familiar with it, it’s the plan that’s notorious for maxing the long run at 16 miles (vs. the usual 20 or 22).  My main motivation for using HMM is because I’ve struggled with injuries throughout training cycles and during races, and HMM has a more balanced approach to weekly mileage that’s supposed to help build running economy/ strength while minimizing injuries (read: they make you run a lot during the week).

I’m using the beginner plan (the advanced looks too high in mileage for me) and modifying it slightly so that I can do my long runs on Saturday vs Sunday.  I moved Friday’s easy run to Sunday, and moved the other two days forward.  Here’s what my plan looks like:
Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 8.32.38 PM
Orange days are either speed/strength workouts (on Tuesday), tempos done at marathon goal pace (on Thursday), and long runs done at 45-60 seconds slower than goal pace.  Paces for the speed and strength workouts are also determined by your goal pace using a table in the book.  I’ve added in two shorter races to help me gauge my performance and fitness level along the way – and also because I have some race deferrals from last year ;) Other than that, I’m going to try to run it exactly as written.

My thoughts going in: the mileage for this plan is higher than I’m used to, and I’m definitely nervous for those longer weekday runs – AKA 5AM wake-ups.  HMM is a tough training method, and its philosophy is to tire you out for the long runs to simulate the last 16 miles of the race instead of the first – in other words, it trains you to push through when you’re very tired.  I honestly don’t know if I have what it takes to run the plan as proscribed, but to me, that’s the point of training for a marathon – finding out what I’m made of.  So let’s begin :)


4 thoughts on “Marathon #3, Here We Go

  1. I’d not heard of that training plan before, so I’ve read u on it a little. It sounds like an interesting approach and I’ll be keen to see how it works out for you. Good luck!

    1. Dawn H.

      Thanks Tamsyn! It’s a very different approach, so I’m curious to see how i feel during the race.

    2. I can believe that it works on a physical level, but I think it might not work for me mentally. I didn’t run further than 8 miles in training for an overdistance half iron tri (15 mile run) and although I was fine doing the distance, I was really stressed about it beforehand as I didn’t believe that it would work.

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