Hanson’s Marathon Method: Week 1

I meant to get this training post up on Monday, but have been recovering after a busy (but awesome) weekend with my family in town. Just one pic from the weekend:


My sporty sibs on paddleboards! We went stand-up paddleboarding at the Key Bridge Boathouse on Friday – a perfect activity on a hot summer day.  It was my first time and I loved it – no surprise, because I love water sports in general (the ones that don’t involve any swimming!) and the water was quite calm. It was easier than I expected to maintain balance on the board and I only fell in at the end because I decided to attempt tree pose and subsequently toppled into the water, lol.

Anyway, onto my training recap from last week:

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 8.32.38 PM

Mon: Body Pump

Tue: short core workout in hotel (traveling for work)

Wed: 2 easy miles on T/M (10:13 pace) and 30 min on stairmaster

Thr: spin class

Fri: 3 easy miles outside (9:35 pace) and SUP!

Sat: 4 easy miles outside (9:34 pace)

Sun: 3 easy miles outside (10:40 pace)

Not especially exciting, but I’m incredibly grateful to be running without any toe or knee pain, and I’ve been working to keep my paces slow for all these easy runs. I know the fastest path to re-injury is to push myself too quickly upon returning to training, so I’m avoiding hills and any speedwork for the first couple of weeks in this schedule.

My goal for this week is to continue to run easy and keep up with “prehab” activities like core work (3x a week), strength training (2x a week) and stretching. Like last week, I’ll be replacing two of the “off” days with cross-training activities to maintain fitness during these low-mileage weeks.


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