5 Things We Did in Charleston

I spent an amazing couple of days with my college girlfriends in Charleston last weekend! I was really excited for this vacation because I hadn’t seen my friends since my wedding several years ago.  We picked the city because it was relatively cheap to fly to and a good central location for us to meet (coming from Boston, Atlanta, Texas, and of course, DC).  We’re all active and adventurous, so our vacation was a great mix of fun activities, good food, and lots of catching up.  Here’s 5 things we did:

1. Obstacle course at Wild Blue Ropes
This was my first time on a ropes course, and I was surprised by what great exercise it was! My arms were shaking after the first 5-6 obstacles from hanging onto ropes and pipes and logs for dear life.  We were safely supported by full-body harnesses the entire time, but I started to feel a little dizzy after two hours – maybe I have a slight fear of heights? Or maybe not, because I’d do it again :)
20150810_15404620150810_154115 2. Went running everyday
My friends are all runners – in fact, they’re the ones that got me to sign up for my first half marathon – so we naturally we went running together. The streets of Charleston are nice and flat, and we were less than a mile from the waterfront. We always went running around 7 to avoid the heat and humidity, and it was a great way to work up an appetite and start the day.
20150808_080509 20150809_065411 3. Marsh Kayaking
The 3 hour marsh kayaking tour near Folly Beach was by far my favorite activity! We saw several dolphins, many different kinds of birds, and enjoyed the beautiful day on the water.
20150809_094922 4. Ate lots of good Southern food
Starting with biscuit beignets at Another Broken Egg Cafe…
IMG_20150808_100436I ate grits almost everyday…
0808151741 Lots of fried seafood!0809151401a And we couldn’t skip Chick-fil-A :) Loved this chicken salad.0810151630a 5. Magnolia Plantation and Gardens
We also drove up to North Charleston to tour Magnolia Plantation, which has been converted into a beautiful garden.  Unfortunately, we were long past the blooming season, but we took a boat ride on the former rice fields and saw lots of wildlife – birds and alligators.
20150808_132029_HDR0808151350a 20150808_150129 And no summer vacation is complete without ice cream, cards and games every night, and beach time :)20150809_155345 Steph, Grace and Nasly, I miss you all already!

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