Hanson’s Marathon Method: Week #4

This is the summer of my water sport obsession apparently; last weekend was my 3rd (nearly) consecutive weekend going kayaking or SUP. Mel and I met up Saturday morning at the Key Bridge Boathouse and spent over 2 hours on our stand-up paddleboards – I definitely felt it in my arms and back the next day. No pics on the water, but we grabbed mini pies (called cuppies, like cup pies – get it?) at Pie Sisters in Georgetown afterwards. I tried samples of the triple berry pie and chocolate bourbon pecan pie, and ended up getting the lemonberry pie for myself and Mel and the chocolate bourbon for Mike. All SO good – I’m already plotting to go back ;)

Hanson’s Marathon Method: Week 4

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 8.32.38 PM
Well, I’m done with week 4 and I’m pleased to report that I’m still having no issues with my knees, feet or any other body part. Well, some chafing from a pair of running shorts…but that’s neither here nor there. All my runs were completed on the treadmill because I was very sluggish after coming back from vacation and ended up running in the afternoons, but I’m just pleased I got them all in.

Mon: 5 easy miles on T/M in hotel (10:33 pace), subbed 2 hours on a ropes climbing course for weight lifting. I think it was a very fair substitution since my arms were sore for days afterward

Tue: rest day

Wed: rest day

Thr: 4 hilly miles on T/M (10:18 pace, did 5-6 min with no incline and then increased incline slowly to 4.0/ 5.0 over 4-5 minutes, repeated cycle 4x) and weights (squats, lunges, deadlifts, and some arm exercises)

Fri: 4 easy miles on T/M (10:23 pace) and core workout

Sat: 5 easy miles on T/M (9:53 pace) and 2 hours of SUP

Sun: 6 easy miles on T/M with 7-30 second strides at end (9:40 overall pace, strides around 7:55 pace) and Intense Core Yoga video

I have a BIG jump in mileage and training coming this week – we’re introducing speedwork, a tempo run, going from 5 to 6 runs a week, and ramping the mileage from 24 to 39 miles a week (ignore the plan, I’ve adjusted week 5). The mileage increase far exceeds the 10% rule, but I’m trusting that the Hanson brothers knew what they were doing when they wrote the plan – and I’ll switch to pool running or other cross-training if I notice any issues. I’ve never run 6 days a week before, and I’m nervous about trying a 5 mile tempo so early, but I’m just going to take it a day at a time and not think too far ahead!

Are you training for a fall race? How’s it going?


3 thoughts on “Hanson’s Marathon Method: Week #4

    1. Dawn H.

      They were really good :) i saw you’re doing the run less run faster! So curious to see how it works out for you.

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