Hanson’s Marathon Method: Week #7

I had another sub-par training week last week – it’s another recap I’d rather not post, but this blog keeps me accountable and I’m not interested in displaying a glossed-up version of my life and running. But let’s talk about the weekend first!

I finally took my GREs on Saturday (did well, yay!), and spent the rest of the weekend relaxing with Mike. I cooked a special dinner on Saturday to thank him for being so supportive this summer while I studied (he did most of the cleaning and cooking each week), starting with this mozzarella, tomato and basil appetizer:
Panko-crusted tilapia and Kath’s better-than-fried okra for our main – the okra was SO good, like veggie tater-tots. I went for my long run on Sunday while Mike played golf with friends, and we hit the bowling alley on Sunday, where I broke 100 for the first time in my life. My score is the top row, and yes – I’m a terrible bowler, but it was fun anyway :)

Hanson’s Marathon Method: Week 7

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 8.32.38 PMGoing back to training talk, I was really struggling with stress last week. I woke up in the middle of the night on Tuesday with what felt like waves of pain near my heart, and realized after a few hours that it was stress-induced acid reflux. I’ve only had acid reflux once or twice in my life, and this was definitely the worst and longest-lasting episode I’ve had. It didn’t go away till the night before my test, so I had trouble sleeping for a few days and running didn’t feel great. As a result, I only did 4 runs (instead of the planned 6) and cut my mileage short by 15 miles. But I got in some good workouts and did the best I could given my physical condition. Here’s how the week went:

Mon: 5 easy paced miles on the T/M (10:16 pace) with some inclines thrown in each mile. Core work and stretching at home

Tue: 6 X 800 meter repeats on the T/M (averaged 3:54 for the intervals) with 400 meter recovery in between. The pace actually felt pretty reasonable so I upped the incline (from 0 to 1) the last couple of repeats. 1 mile warm-up and 1 mile cool-down for 6.78 miles total, and some strength exercises with the TRX at the gym. My arms were burning the next day!

Wed: Rest day!

Thr: This was the day that my training started to derail. I decided to try my tempo run outside – I did a mile warm-up, hit my pace for the first mile with no issues, but when I turned around to start my second mile, my body just refused to go. After several attempts to pick the pace up, I decided to throw in the towel. I managed about a mile and a half at my goal pace (8:47 pace) and ran 4.25 miles total with warm-up and cool-down. My body was tired from lack of sleep and running didn’t feel great with the acid reflux issue.

Fri: Skipped planned 6 miles, still tired

Sat: Skipped planned 6 miles, took my GREs

Sun: 10 miles (10:08 pace) – I managed 8 miles at my prescribed long run pace (9:39), but took plenty of water breaks between miles because I’m still not heat-trained :( Overall, a solid run! I’m hoping that as the weather cools down, the effort will feel easier and I’ll need fewer breaks outside.

I’m not thrilled with how the last two weeks of training have gone, but there’s no point in dwelling on the past when I have another 10 weeks of training ahead. I think it’ll be apparent in the next couple of weeks whether I need to adjust my goal pace because I’ve missed some key workouts (I’ll talk about my goals for this race in another post) and I have no problems doing that – even with a big adjustment, I can still shoot for a PR in November.

How’s your training going?


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